Rebel Wilson claims people only need ‘600 calories a day’

rebel wilson dispelled the rumor that she’s carb-free after a dramatic weight loss — and found out just how many calories people need.

“I’ve learned that you really only need about 600 calories a day,” Wilson, 43, said. daily Mail While promoting his Fluid app at a Beverly Hills party sponsored by Casamigos Cristalino on Thursday, June 15. “You don’t need 1,500 or 2,000.” She later clarified that consuming 600 calories is usually done as a detox and not as a daily routine. When to push The star didn’t reveal whether she follows the 600-calorie regimen, telling the outlet that she doesn’t advocate for others to do the same.

pitch perfect The actress – who has lost over 75 pounds since 2020 – revealed that her attitude towards dieting changed after enrolling in a program about food.

“Everyone thinks you should eat so much [and] Your body needs it, but the truth is, your body doesn’t need a lot of calories,” she claimed, noting that it “may sound crazy.” But for her, it’s all about portion control. .

Wilson said: “If you eat right and you eat small portions you’ll be absolutely fine.” (During her Thursday event, guests were greeted with a custom Casamigos Ice Luge and margaritas featuring the latest Casamigos Cristalino. Partygoers set out to find their perfect cocktail match before whipping up their cocktails.) Took an interactive quiz.)

Despite her regular diet, the actress revealed, “I do eat carbs.” She alleged that she eats them “in small portions”, adding “I eat pizza and I eat pasta, I don’t eat too much of it.”

Rebel Wilson claims she only needs 600 calories a day

Rebel Wilson. Nivier David/ABACAPRESS.COM/Shutterstock

Wilson attributed most people’s weight gain to feeling hungry while “stuck at a desk or in their car” and turning to food to “deal with stress.” The co-founder of Fluid App further claimed, “You just don’t need that many meals.”

Even with the self-imposed restrictions, Wilson told the outlet that she consumes ice cream as her “cheat meal” every now and then.

“When I wasn’t watching my weight, I would sometimes sit down to eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. That’s what I did. It was a habit,” she recalled. “But now I’m more I am more careful I’ll have a third pint and I’ll eat it slowly. I wouldn’t eat the whole pint at all – that’s in my past.

Australian star – best known for playing Fat Amy in the film pitch perfect Franchise – began its “Year of Health” in early 2020. By November of that year, she had lost 60 pounds, but Wilson didn’t stop there.

After reaching her goal weight of 165 pounds, Wilson continued to maintain her healthy lifestyle but stopped focusing on the scale.

A source exclusively revealed, “Rebel isn’t working with a trainer to lose any more weight now that she’s reached her goal, instead she’s focused on losing weight and feeling comfortable in her own skin.” focusing.” us weekly In July 2022. “She’s a really positive person and feels really good about how far she’s come.”

That positivity spilled over into Wilson’s personal life. comedian went public with him and ramona agrumaTies in June 2022. Five months later, the isn’t it romantic The actress announced that she would be welcoming her first child, daughter Royce, via a surrogate.

In February, Wilson confirmed that he and Agurama, 39, were engaged after a romantic proposal at Disneyland.

When senior year The star’s recent life changes have been positive, admitting on Thursday that her role as a parent has resulted in some weight gain.

Wilson – who is a self-described “emotional eater” – told daily Mail that he put on weight from “sleep deprivation and change” [her] lifestyle.”