Queen Naija and Clarence White shut down cheating speculation

social media personality chris sales hit the internet with some recent allegations about clarence white allegedly cheating queen naija, As a result, Chris – who shares a son with his ex-wife Rani – has found himself firmly in the hot seat!

Chris Sales says Queen Naija “knows” about Clarence’s alleged actions

The whole situation started when Kris talked about the couple’s relationship over the weekend, answering some “juicy questions” on YouTube.

At one point during the video, Chris poses a question regarding Clarence’s loyalty to Queen Naija. In return, Sail did not retract his opinion.

“Somebody asked me, ‘Do you think Clarence is loyal to the Queen?’ I personally? No.”

He said he had “heard stories” before sharing that Clarence had allegedly disappeared with “some girls” while at a yacht party being held Kai Senat,

Chris also notes that he thinks Clarence is cheating because she is “a stay-at-home mom”.

“Because of him being gone all the time and staying at her house, I don’t think he’s faithful.”

He wrapped up by declaring, “I know she knows too.”

Clarence White clears up speculation

Once Clarence learned of the comments, he jumped on Twitter and commented that Pal “hated” him. He also added of course that the whole allegation is “so crazy”.

“I heard rumors and stories so crazy, he fucking hates me [laughing emoji],

As for the “Medicine” songwriter, she responded to the disturbance by cryptically tweeting, “I get excited when Ish hits the fan because I know something great comes after that.”

ot genesis butts with chris

We also have to add that a bit of drama happened in the comments section below The Shade Room’s Instagram post on the matter.

ot genesis Chris in particular took a moment to say “A real b***ha**n***a”.

In turn, Chris Sales said, “We can box and we can see who the real B is.”

He also referenced OT’s past beef d d g By declaring that he is of an entirely different breed. Oops!

What are your thoughts on the overall situation?