Post Malone says he’s ‘not doing drugs’ in wake of speculation

post malone Clearing the air and clarifying that despite speculation, she has “never felt healthy!”

The “Rockstar” rapper shared a selfie from Antwerp, Belgium, on Instagram on Thursday evening. He swiftly admitted, “I wanted to say I’m not doing drugs.”

“Hello everyone, I hope you had a good night. I just wanted to say that I am not doing drugs.

Post Malone said, “I’ve had a lot of people ask me about my weight loss and I feel like performing on stage.”

However, he assured fans that he has “never felt healthier” and was only “having a lot of fun performing.”

Additionally, Malone credits “dad life” as having a positive effect on his lifestyle, as he welcomed a daughter the previous year. After all, he wants to “long live” [his] Little angel.”

“I feel like dad’s life kicked in and I’ve decided to kick the soda and start eating better so I can live long enough for this little angel. There’s smoke and brew ahead, but I can’t imagine myself a Prefer to believe patient man…lol!

He then admits he’s been hitting the studio lately and is “excited to share” the new music before saying he’s “in a super dope place”.

“My mind is in a super dope place, and I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time.”

The artist wrapped up his message by writing, “Goodnight nerds. Spread the love and move on.

Speculation was fueled by a viral video of the rapper’s performance

It’s important to note that Post Malone’s comments are not coming out of the blue.

Last year, a video of Malone vibing during a performance began to garner some attention, shortly after she collapsed on stage. However, most people focused on him bouncing back from his fall.

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Eventually, after additional appearances a slimmed-down Post Malone displayed similar behavior, people began to speculate about his health.

However, despite fans’ concerns, Post Malone says he’s doing A-OK, and his father expressed similar sentiments on Instagram amid early speculation.

The rapper’s father declared, “He’s the healthiest he’s been in years! Mentally and physically.”