PFF Reveals What The NFL Fan Base Is Most Mock Drafting To

A fan stands inside a large Philadelphia Eagles helmet at The NFL Experience prior to Super Bowl LVII on February 11, 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona.
(Photo by Mike Lowry / Getty Images)

The NFL off-season is full of excitement for the fans of each team.

Regardless of what his team did last year, a new season serves as a fresh start, and the NFL draft is a building block in that journey.

As the draft gets closer and closer, both fans and analysts alike spend time in mock drafting while trying to figure out what will happen on the big night.

A recent report by PFF indicated that the Chicago Bears have been the most popular faked team.

After finishing the 2022 season with a 3–14 record, the Bears were awarded the first overall pick for the 2023 NFL Draft.

However, in a massive trade with the Carolina Panthers, the Bears dropped to ninth overall.

Before this year’s draft, the Bears had a total of 10 picks, including three of the first 61 selections.

With that capital in mind, along with the Bears’ off-season growth, many fans are excited about the 2023 season.

The Bears have added several key players on both sides of the ball in an effort to improve.

Adding wide receiver DJ Moore to their offense could prove valuable, especially in regards to the development of young quarterback Justin Fields.

With the recent news of Aaron Rodgers officially leaving the division, Bears fans can more confidently conduct mocks.

The Packers owned the division for several years under Rodgers.

The Bears have won the division only once in the last 20 years, which happened in 2018.

Bears fans are heading into 2023 with their heads held high.

While they continue to lead the mock draft brigade, the wait for these picks to actually be announced is almost over.

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