Paul Oakenfold accused of sexual harassment by ex-employee, sues – Deadline

A-lister DJ and swordfish Soundtrack composer Paul Oakenfold has been accused of sexual harassment and workplace violations by a former personal assistant.

The lawsuit was filed Friday in LA Superior Court by a 24-year-old woman identified as Jane Roe. The plaintiffs allege that two companies run by CEO Paul Stepanek — New Frequency Management and Stepanek Management — Oakenfold, and various John Does violated his employment rights.

Seeking a variety of damages in excess of $25,000, the five-claim complaint declares that she will be hired as Oakenfold’s personal assistant for $20 an hour, immediately after she takes a job in October 2022 at the management companies was appointed. Jen Rowe works out of the house of the Grammy-nominated DJ who has remixed artists such as U2, Madonna, Britney Spears and the Rolling Stones.

From the first day of Jane Rowe, Oakenfold allegedly exposed himself and masturbated in front of her, for a total of four separate dates. On one date in November 2022, the DJ reportedly did this four times in a single day. He allegedly once performed the act in her vehicle, according to the filing (read it here).

After reporting the incident to management, Plaintiff stated that she was presented with a nondisclosure agreement. He was allegedly prevented from returning to work and allegedly threatened with firing if he did not sign. Filings from Beverly Hills firm Blackstone Law APC say Jane Roe ultimately signed the NDA “under duress.” He was allowed to return to work and was not assigned to Oakenfold.

However, the plaintiff claimed that her work hours were reduced and she was ultimately fired in March 2023 for what court papers called “lack of work”.

deadline TechRepublic has reached out to Paul Stepanek and Paul Oakenfeld for comment.