Patriots Bill Belichick Reportedly Shopping QB Mack Jones

Bill Belichick must have forgotten that he is not the only football legend to have been a head coach at Mc Jones. Jones played college football for Nick Saban – arguably Belichick’s greatest student. Memorization, “One Band, One Sound,” From the movie Drumline? That line is Alabama football. Everyone rehearses a role well so that when the whole team comes together on Saturday they all play and move as a unit.

Jones worked in that environment for four years, then in a new environment, He’s Going To Notice Clutter – A Word That Aptly Describes 2022 Patriot‘ Crime. Longtime offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels left to take over as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. To replace him, Belichick Joe Judge and Matt Patricia run the crime, Neither had previous experience as offensive coordinator or quarterbacks coach. Jones was very disappointed during the 2022 season That he reportedly reached out to his college offensive coordinator, Steve Sarkeesian, for help.

That move enraged Belichick, and Tom E. Curran of NBC Sports Boston is reporting that Belichick still very upset, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk is reporting that Belichick has a View in Trading Zones,

“The betrayal in Bill’s mind is almost worse than the bad drama,” Curran said last week on WEEI’s Jones and Mego show.

This is rich coming from Mr. “On to Cincinnati”. Yes, Jones going outside the team for help, especially to a college coach, could be seen as showing up to the current Patriots’ coaching staff. However, if Jones did it, he did it for a reason. Something was wrong in the New England quarterback room and went elsewhere for better answers. His goal was to become a better football player, so he moved back to his previous home where he experienced more structure than his current one.

If Belichick is really all about the job. If continually improving every single day is his life ethos, then Jones pulling out all the stops to try and salvage a season in which his performance was coming back at a rapid pace should be commended. Instead, it appears that the face that barely moves is a mask that hides the arrogance that has been informed of on in recent Year,

Jones comes from the best structure there is in college football. That organization was led by someone Belichick knows personally. Because of that background, even though Jones is young, he saw that he was not getting the answers he needed from the Patriots.

This probably angered Belichick because it quickly pointed out the mistake he had made Giving two of your friends a job that wasn’t worth it. a mistake he was forced to correct by firing Judge and hiring Bill O’Brien from Alabama as his offensive coordinator.

This is what happens when people believe that the band is marching to their own drum. Anyone who challenges the guys to act like this is considered a traitor instead of trying to improve the band.

Belichick would not want a player who has never been challenged, and coached his entire life, by yes-men. Yet in the later years of his coaching career, He appears more concerned with maintaining his authority than what is best for his team.

One Band, One Sound Bill. If you lose it, you continue to lose to Cincinnati and others.