Padres chase another series win over Reds

san diego padres Manager Bob Melvin believes Tuesday could be a long day for his team

Cincinnati Reds Manager David Bell hopes his counterpart is right

padres flew home from Mexico City on Sunday night — also plummeting 7,330 feet — and won a third straight game on Monday night, an 8-3 decision reds

But Melvin figured his ballclub would still be at the height of Mexico City on Monday. how was it padres tuesday may feel he has anxiety

Melvin said Monday afternoon, “It would be nice to have a day off, that’s for sure.” “But we don’t, that’s why we play. We will do our best. We didn’t hit (batting practice) to give them a little break. In fact, it’s usually the second day you feel.

“It’s baseball. You go through parts during the season that aren’t ideal.”

Although padres Cincinnati has dominated of late – especially in San Diego

padres won all six games against reds In 2022. Since the start of the 2021 season, padres are 13-1 against reds, Cincinnati has lost nine straight in San Diego and is only 8-22 in its last 30 games played there since the start of the 2013 season.

“You’re only worried about the next game,” Bell said. “The padres Played very well against us. Stripes don’t last forever.

redsCertainly, hoping that streak ends Tuesday night when right-hander Graham Ashcraft (2-0, 2.10 ERA) faces off against the veteran. padres Right-hander Michael Wacha (2-1, 6.75) entered the contest in the middle of the three-game series.

Ashcraft, 25, the reds‘ sixth-round draft pick in 2019, the most emotional start of his 24-start career

On Wednesday in Cincinnati, Ashcraft held the Texas Rangers to four runs with two runs on three hits and three strikeouts over six innings. He was pitching just two days after the death of his 82-year-old grandmother Theresa Ann Ashcraft, a Rangers fan who lived in Fort Worth, Texas.

“I knew what I needed to do,” said Ashcraft, who went on bereavement leave. reds won the game. “Emotions were really high. The last innings was really emotional. I knew he wanted me to go back out. When I was younger, he kept score in all my games, even when I wasn’t playing.

Bell said, “It was a tough week for Graham. I got to speak with him a lot. I knew how important it was for him to pitch. It was the best way to honor his grandmother and family. He The game was full of heart. Earlier in the last innings we talked and he told me there is no way he is going to get out.”

Ashcraft will face padres Tuesday for the first time. It would be his sixth start of the season. He allowed seven runs on 20 hits and 15 walks with 24 strikeouts in 30 innings for a 1.167 WHIP and -190 opponents batting average.

Wacha would also make his sixth start of the season. He gave up 19 runs on 33 hits and seven walks in 25 1/3 innings with 23 strikeouts while posting a 1.579 WHIP and a lofty .311 opponents’ batting average. After winning his first two starts as a Padre, Wacha struck out 15 on 25 hits in only 13 1/3 innings.

31-year-old veteran is 12-3 lifetime in 24 games (20 starts) reds with a 2.69 ERA and 1.155 WHIP

– Field Level Media