Packers’ Jordan Love wishes Chicago fans a happy Father’s Day

Jordan Love mingled.

jordan love got Mixed up.
picture, AP

jordan love era started in green bay with Aaron Rodgers playing now It could be a lousy start for the New York Jets, and months before any real games are played. Love posted a quick Twitter video wishing Chicago Bears fans a Happy Father’s Day. If that’s not weird enough, it’s unclear whether Luv really meant it, or was just trolling for rivalry.

Maybe love got confused. It’s entirely possible that Love meant to troll, but he can’t help flashing that triumphant smile. According to Luv, it shouldn’t have been a big deal or anything like that. He was actually asked to do so.

“Was asked to do a special favor for this fan, didn’t think much of it,” love posted on twitter“But I see you all really took it and ran with it. Regardless I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day.”

Because of the rivalry between these franchises, it’s strange to hear one team’s quarterback say anything nice about the other. The video was just weird and confusing. Lovers should know that there is no love lost between these cities. There will be no smiles come Week 1 in Chicago when the Packers and Bears start the 2023 season on Sunday afternoon.

The fans in Green Bay don’t want their QB to do anything but kick the Bears’ butt. They have become accustomed to it over the past few decades. It is the biggest rivalry in the NFC North and possibly the entire league. Showing a lot of love to an enemy is a good way to attract fans to you. If Love wants his era in Green Bay to get off on the right foot, he’ll need to get over the line, and worry more about beating the Bears than playing well.