Odell Beckham Jr. reportedly wants $15 million for one year

Could be worth $15 million... could hurt right away.

Could be worth $15 million… could hurt right away.
picture, AP

Odell Beckham Jr. is still a free agent and Allegedly The new asking price tag is $15 million for one year. Those reports come courtesy of ESPN, just weeks after it emerged that Beckham could be looking for a $20 million payday in 2023. Thick deal.

Beckham will be hoping for somewhere in the vicinity of $15 million, but with so many strikes against him, it’s going to be an uphill battle that may not be resolved for some time. OBJ is down 30, and he is recovering from an ACL injury that caused him to miss the 2022 campaign.

The reward for a team signing Beckham may be high, but there is a high level of risk that for most won’t be worth that much money. If he’s serious about this comeback, OBJ will probably settle for less than the $15 million he’s asking. He $20 million The figure that was told seemed absolutely absurd. No NFL team is going to pay for a wide receiver with knee issues who just missed an entire season. well maybe cleveland brownsBut OBJ has been there and done that already.

In fact, Beckham will probably make between $10-12 million next season. new york jets Has expressed interest, but right now his main focus is to complete this Aaron Rodgers deal, which is taking much longer than it should have. That has to bring him under the salary cap along with the rest of A-Rod’s wish list. The harsh truth is that if OBJ is dead set on that $15 million tag for one year, he could be very disappointed when training camps roll around and he’s still without an NFL home.