Odell Beckham Jr. accused of assault, rep denies allegations

OBJ recently signed with the Baltimore Ravens

OBJ recently signed with the Baltimore Ravens
picture, AP

New Baltimore Ravens Wide Receiver odell beckham jr has been named as a suspect in an assault investigation, According to TMZ report, where a woman claims Beckham allegedly knelt down on her throat at a Los Angeles restaurant. However, both the representative of the wide receiver and the owner of the restaurant where the alleged incident took place say that the woman’s claim is false.

Los Angeles police say the alleged incident happened several weeks ago Delilah, a West Hollywood restaurant known for being a celebrity favorite, where Beckham, 30, allegedly grabbed the woman by the throat with mild pressure. Representatives for the Beckhams told TMZ that they were not aware of any investigation and that police had not contacted them. TMZ reports that after the alleged incident occurred, both the accuser and Beckham stayed at Delilah’s throughout the evening with no further incident. However, a few days later the woman met with the police about Beckham’s alleged activities.

John Terzien, who oversees the hospitality group that runs Delilah’s, provided a comment to TMZ regarding the alleged incident: “We were contacted about an investigation and reviewed the video to find the claim is false. There is also no evidence of this person being in the area where she claims the incident took place. beckham self It is yet to comment on the allegations.