Nick Wright Makes Bold Projection On Nikola Jokic’s Career

NBA Nikola Jokic #15 of the Denver Nuggets leaves the court after their double overtime win over the Portland Trail Blazers during game five of their Western Conference first round playoff series at Ball Arena on June 1, 2021 in Denver, Colorado.
(Photo by Matthew Stockman / Getty Images)

The Denver Nuggets did a tremendous job drafting Nikola Jokic in the 2014 NBA Draft, choosing an unknown player from Serbia who is now dominating the NBA.

After eight years in the league, Jokic is considered by many to be the best player in the world.

The Nuggets are one win away from winning the NBA Championship, and Jokic hasn’t stopped receiving praise for his performance.

Jokic could become one of the 10 best centers of all time with a title.

Nick Wright believes he can end his career as one of the top five to do so, rivaling Shaquille O’Neal on the list.

The debate about the greatest center of all time is always contentious.

The NBA has had great players who marked an era, from George Mikan to Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain to Hakeem Olajuwon and Shaquille O’Neal.

They all dominated in different eras and in similar ways.

Jokic presents something different, as he is a great passer, someone who can spread the floor, and also provide points for his teammates.

He’s not a big defender or dunker like O’Neal, but Jokic has mastered his craft, playing like a seven-foot guard who affects the game in a variety of ways.

As Jokic continues to get better, the comparisons to Shaq will continue.

Jokic has already won two NBA MVPs, became the second recipient of the Magic Johnson Award for Western Conference Finals MVP, and he’s looking for more.

The Nuggets have a chance to win the NBA title this Monday, and Jokic has a chance to be the MVP.

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