Nick Cannon slams ‘Red Table Talk’ after cancellation

nick cannon He may have just unveiled his new AMP Radio show—the daily canon-Early this week, but he’s already sending out the shots!

More specifically, Nick took a moment to slam red table talk Being “toxic” after Meta canceled the Facebook Watch series.

Nick Blames ‘Red Table Talk’ for Oscars Drama Between Will Smith and Chris Rock

On Thursday, Nick discussed the matter with the co-hosts abby de la rosa, Mason MoussetAnd Courtney Bee,

In response to word that the show was ending, Nick Cannon said, “Good.”

After his co-hosts pushed back against his statement, Nick blamed red table talk for Oscar drama between Will Smith And chris rock—aka “Slapgate.”

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“If it wasn’t red table talkThen [Will Smith] Chris would not have slapped the Rock.

As the comedian continued bashing the Emmy Award-winning series, he dubbed it a “poisonous table”.

Abby responds that the series is an “honest table”, with Nick declaring instead that “too much honesty” can have dire consequences.

“Too much honesty can slap you in the face. We have seen this.

Nick Cannon Wasn’t Here for the ‘Entanglement’ Memes: ‘He Didn’t Need to Do It’

Cannon didn’t stop there, as he also mentioned that 2020 will be remembered by Will after his and Jada’s infamous “tangle.”

“He remembered them all about my brother Will at that d*mn table. He didn’t need to do that.”

After Kourtney says that Will has agreed to discuss the matter on air, Nick exclaims, “It’s at his house!”

“It’s at her house! [He’s] Gotta walk past this mother**king table every day.

Afterwards, Cannon declared that Will and Jada were “royalty” before him. RTT sit down. Looks like Nick is mourning “The Jada and That Will Love” about J.J. Cole rapped!

He also declared, “I don’t want to know all this about you guys!”

“She was royalty, Will and Jada. And they brought her to the table. Like, I don’t want you to know all this!”

However, despite Nick’s stance, RTT confirmed that it is “in talks to find a new home.”