Netflix The Diplomat Behind the Scenes Facts

“At the beginning of every season we’ll spend a week in Washington, D.C., and there’s this incredible parade of experts coming through from across the political world and foreign policy and reporters and generals and ambassadors,” Kahn explained to Tudum.

“And when the first [ambassador] Came in, sat down and talked to us, he blew my mind. She looked very polite and courteous, and if you had told me she was a librarian, I would have believed you. And then she starts talking about what her career is looking like and it’s just breathtaking. The stories are breathtaking and very action packed and very Carrie Mathison, and no one knows about her. Those works, when done correctly, are completely invisible.”

“And all we ever hear about is, ‘Oh, Ambassador, they go and drink champagne at fancy places,’ and it’s a lot that’s hidden from the public. And I felt like this woman in a pantsuit superhero. She’s running to save the world and dodging bullets and doing it all with a cup of tea in her hand. And I didn’t see it coming. And I thought, ‘Okay, this is a Chances are.'”