Netflix announces Julien Leclerc’s ‘The Wages of Fear’ remake – Deadline

Netflix has announced a remake of the 1950s French classic wages of fear ,le saleur de la peer), in a production reuniting the stage with action-thriller maestro Julien Leclerc.

The untitled film is currently under production for a scheduled release in 2024.

The original 1953 film starred Yves Montand, Pieter van Eyck, Charles Vanel, and Folco Lully as four down-on-luck men who are forced to venture into the mountains as part of an operation to extinguish an oil well fire. are hired to drive trucks laden with nitroglycerin through.

The work is considered one of the most thrilling action-thrillers ever made.

Leclerc’s reboot stars Franck Gastombide, best known internationally for his role as taxi 5in front of Alban Lenoir (lost bullet), Ana Girardot (Home) and sophiane zermany (No limits,

“To reunite this cast for a reboot of a film like this for worldwide broadcast with Netflix, compels me to put all my heart and guts into it,” Leclerc said. “The ambition is huge.”

No further details have been released about the remake, but the first-look image released by Netflix suggests a contemporary setting.

Leclercq’s credits include a raft of high-octane action-thrillers including attack, Braqueurs And sentinel And he previously collaborated with Netflix on the show ganglands,

The director also takes co-writing credit on the feature with Hamid Hiloua, whose credits include ganglands And heel,

Julien Maddon and Leclerc are producing with TF1 Studios under the banner of their Paris-based company Labyrinth Films.

The original film was directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot and co-adapted by Jean and Henri-Georges Clouzot from the eponymous novel by Georges Arnaud.

The film won top prizes at the 1953 editions of the Berlin and Cannes film festivals and was a hit at home, attracting an audience of around seven million.

Later works inspired by the film and the original novel include Howard W. coaches are included violent streetWilliam Friedkin Magician and an episode of the 1980s TV series MacGyver,

Christopher Nolan has also talked about how he screened the feature to his crew dunkirk In preparation for the truck scenes in the World War II drama.