Mo’Nique reveals husband’s reaction to her wish for women

Despite claiming that he did not act on his sexual desires, Mo’Nique and Sydney had previously talked about an open marriage arrangement.

Moe and Sydney married in 2006 but met as sophomores in high school in the Baltimore suburbs. They reportedly became romantically involved after years of being roommates. Before tying the knot, the couple welcomed twin sons, David and Jonathan.

Last month, she told hollywood reporter He has stopped looking at others. On her part, Monique said she doesn’t want to “sacrifice” her marriage.

Life started happening. I began to see a power that I had never seen before. He loved me the worst I didn’t want to sacrifice just for a lay. So I grew out of it,” she told Hollywood Reporter.

He has always said that the idea was his. It is unclear whether the open marriage arrangement began before or after Hicks disclosed his sexual desires for women.

Topping her comedy special, she explained that as a “fat little black girl”, she wanted “validation and acceptance”. But as she’s grown, Mo’Nique has learned to embrace who she is and walk her talk!

“So I had to accept the fact that my father was an alcoholic and didn’t really care about his family. I had to accept the fact that my mother was an inveterate gambler and any mother-king thing. away from gambling. I had to accept the fact that my oldest brother was a goddamn molester. I had to accept the fact that my other brother signed documents in my name and my reputation messed with. I don’t judge it. It just is what it is. So it allowed me to accept when people were telling me what I wasn’t. When motherfuckers told me you ain’t Dave Chappelle Ho, you ain’t Amy Schumer, you ain’t Chris Rock. Those motherfuckers were right cause my name is Mo’Nique.