Monica jumped into the crowd after a man allegedly punched a woman

Monica Let it be known that she doesn’t play about gendered violence, as she recently stopped a show to protest a male audience member for allegedly punching a woman!

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The singer jumped into the audience to regulate: “Don’t kill him!”

The situation came to a head over the weekend when Monica was performing at the Riverfront Music Festival in Detroit and her reaction to the matter was caught on video.

While on stage, Monica sensed a physical altercation in the audience and began repeating, “Wait a minute.”

Then she warns the man by saying, “No! You don’t hit her like that!”

After announcing the alleged assailant was gone, Monica went into full “Gunika” mode and jumped into the crowd. Monica in the audience says, “You can’t kill a bastard woman like that!”

After this, Monica returned to the stage and apologized for her reaction.

“I want to apologize to all of you. That shit got me excited. I saw him punch that woman in the face, [and] I lost my girlfriend.

Monika says she was “exasperated” by the ordeal: “It was like watching her mother or aunt get attacked”.

After the video began circulating online, Monica took to the comments section of The Shade Room and reiterated her apology.

However, the “Angel of Mine” singer added, “No one will take action!”

“I was so excited, I kept looking and it was like she didn’t even know her! It felt like it was about space during a packed concert!”

Monica also shared that the alleged assailant apparently “got punched.” [the woman] with all her might,” and she was only “stopping[ing] Let him be saved from being beaten again.

After stressing that her appeals for help “went unheard”, the artist admitted, “It was like seeing my mother or aunt being attacked!”

Finally, he notes that the woman he is talking to looks to be over 50, and that she “prays.”[s] He is alright.”

Rumiez, what are your thoughts on the situation?