MLB Insider Notes An Interesting Trend Taking Place In Boston

Masataka Yoshida #7 of the Boston Red Sox hits a ball during the 1st inning against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Fenway Park on April 03, 2023 in Boston, Massachusetts.
(Photo by Paul Rutherford / Getty Images)

Coors Field is often referred to as a place where a lot of runs are scored.

The ball carries because of the high altitude in Denver.

However, it is not Coors Field where most of the runs have been scored so far in the 2023 season, but Fenway Park.

The Boston Red Sox started their 2023 season at home and have scored plenty of runs but also allowed a few.

On Twitter, USA Today’s Bob Nightengale noted an interesting trend happening in Boston right now, and the number of runs per game.

Nightengale called Fenway Park “Old Coors Field”.

19 runs were scored in Thursday’s Opening Day game between the Sox and the Baltimore Orioles.

Boston won 9–8 on Saturday on Adam Duvall’s walk-off home run.

That means a total of 17 runs were scored.

On Sunday, the Red Sox defeated the Orioles by a final score of 9–5, a 14-run total.

On Monday, 12 runs were scored in four innings between the Red Sox and Pittsburgh Pirates.

Boston added a run in the bottom of the sixth, making the total 13 runs in six innings.

So naturally, Fenway Park will draw some Coors Field comparisons as a result of this recent trend.

But because of the Green Monster being on the left side, pitchers often take advantage of Fenway Park.

However, that hasn’t happened in the Red Sox’ first four games.

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