Mike McCarthy of the Cowboys is who we’ve always known he was

When it comes to athletic competition, we all love a good ranking. It doesn’t matter what it is, who we’re comparing, or what’s at stake. Whenever a list is released, ranking players, or Team 1 whatever it is, it always grabs our attention. You can triple the focus of any ranking list you get regarding the NFL. Recent ranking of all 32 NFL head coachDallas Cowboys head Mike McCarthy came in 17th, which isn’t surprising, but is somewhat damaging.

In fact, McCarthy ranked third among coaches in the NFC East, as Nick Siriani (Eagles) and Brian Dabol (Giants) ranked in the top 13. and won the season series against the G-Men. Talk about not getting any respect at all; That’s where McCarthy has been throughout his tenure in the Big D so far.

After a disappointing first year, where the Cowboys lost 10 games under McCarthy, the Super Bowl-winning head coach and his team managed to improve to 24–10 over the past two campaigns, and clinch a division title in 2021. But we all know that’s not the measure of success for Dallas. cowboys is about to win the nation And at least competing for the championship. These fans are thirsty for more than one circle round To remove,

At this point, it could mean an NFC title Or the Super Bowl. After all, beggars cannot be choosers. Sometimes the expectations can be unrealistic, which is where the Cowboys have been going for three decades. The Divisional Round has been the bane of Dallas’ existence for far too long. No, the NFC Championship has been visible since the ’95–96 season.

McCarthy isn’t going to change that. not even dak prescott, The defense is outstanding, but the days of living off a dominant defense and winning Super Bowls are over. It’s not that McCarthy isn’t a good coach. Despite winning championships, this is his ceiling. He’s just a good coach, not a great one. The same can be said for Prescott. He is good, not great.

So, it’s hard to find much problem in the fact that McCarthy ranks so low on this list. Someone will inevitably find an issue with it, but if he was “great,” there would never have been talk of him being replaced by defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

Let’s keep it real. McCarthy is one of the luckiest coaches in NFL history. He had two Hall of Fame MVP quarterbacks back-to-back in Green Bay. McCarthy inherited Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers when he became head coach of the Packers in ’06. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t been a good coach, but it could also be said that McCarthy should have won more Super Bowls based on the QBs he had, and the overall talent many of those teams had.

The bottom line is that McCarthy is who we thought he was. A middle-of-the-pack coach of a team has to disappoint its fans every season.