Michelle Pfeiffer’s sister Didi Pfeiffer makes a rare appearance — and wow

In an unexpected weekend highlight, Michelle Pfeiffer’s little sister, Deddie Pfeiffer, Star-studded Race to Erase MS gala graced the Fairmont Hotel in Los Angeles. The 59-year-old actress, who is best known for her roles in a variety of horror films, exuded elegance in this rare public appearance on Friday.

DD, a notable actress in her own right, started her career with films like Vamp, The All Nighter and The Horror Show. Her subsequent work includes portraying Cybil’s daughter, Rachel, in the CBS sitcom ‘Cybil’ and Sherry DeCarlo-Winston in the sitcom ‘For Your Love’.

Her effortless transformation for the gala — her hair stylishly put up, and her face partially hidden behind glasses — made her hard to recognize on a guest list that included Denise Richards, Kathy Hilton, Cheryl Burke, and Jonathan Cheban, among others. happened.

Coming from an intriguingly talented family, DeeDee is the younger sister of 65-year-old actress Michelle Pfeiffer, a stalwart of the Hollywood industry. Michelle’s remarkable career spanning five decades has seen her become one of the most bankable and sought-after stars of the 1980s and 1990s, not to mention one of the hottest sex symbols.

Dedee Pfeiffer arrives at Race to Erase MS 30th Anniversary Gala © Steve Granitz
Dedee Pfeiffer arrives at Race to Erase MS 30th Anniversary Gala

DD didn’t plan to follow in the acting footsteps of her famous sibling, but it happened more than by accident.

“I became an actor through trial and error,” she said in an interview on Medium. “Long story short, I was working multiple jobs from the age of ten until I was 18.

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“My sister was working on Scarface and I told her I wanted to ‘try’ acting because everything else was boring. [expletive[ out of me!”  While she hasn’t reached the dizzy heights of fame that Michelle has Dedee, has nearly 70 on-screen credits. 

Amusingly, Michelle previously revealed she wanted to set her sister up with her husband because she thought they were better suited. 

Dedee makes a rare appearance© Frazer Harrison
Dedee makes a rare appearance

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Speaking about the group date at a bowling alley, Michelle – who has another sister, Lori – told Candis magazine: “He [David] I talked to my sister and I talked to her friend, and it seemed like she and my sister were doing well, so I thought maybe we should set them up instead, but the friend who was setting us up Said, ‘You don’t have the guts.'”

His friend was right! Michelle and David have been married for 27 years and have two children.

Michelle Pfeiffer, whose full name is Michelle Marie Pfeiffer, boasts an impressive portfolio that includes three Academy Award nominations: Best Supporting Actress for Dangerous Liaisons (1988), and The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989) and Love Field (1992). Best Actress in

Michelle Pfeiffer and Dede Pfeiffer arrive "spray" premiered in 2007 © Greg DeGuire
Michelle Pfeiffer and Deddie Pfeiffer arrive at the “Hairspray” premiere in 2007

Her more recent work includes a role in Maleficent 2 alongside Angelina Jolie and she has also gained a following among Marvel fans for her roles in Ant-Man.

Michelle’s personal life has been as fascinating as her career. She married actor Peter Horton in 1981, with whom she starred in the 1985 ABC TV special, One Too Many.

Following her relationship with her Dangerous Liaisons co-star John Malkovich and divorce from Horton, Michelle had a three-year relationship with actor/producer Fisher Stevens. In 1993, she tied the knot with television writer and producer.

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