Michael Wilbon clarifies his thoughts on Ja Morant

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The Memphis Grizzlies have suspended young star Ja Morant from all team activities until further notice.

The former No. 2 pick reportedly fired guns again during an IG Live session, months after being suspended and serving some time off the team for the same thing.

That’s why analyst Michael Wilbon reportedly told his son not to wear Morant’s sneakers, wondering whether Nike and Powerade would also cut ties with the rising star over his questionable behavior.

Morant went to Florida to seek counseling, and claimed he needed to find better ways to deal with stress and anxiety.

He spent time away from the team and apologized for his behavior, and he remained a topic of discussion among sports pundits for weeks.

People called him out for trying to act that way, even though he didn’t come from that kind of environment.

And while every player deserves to have some fun in the offseason, it might not be the look you want after losing a playoff series in five games despite being the No. 2 seed in the Western Conference.

The Grizzlies organization is likely to have lengthy negotiations with their rising star, as it will not attract as many stars to their small-market team.

Some blame Morant’s friends for recording and sharing these kinds of things, but it’s not like they’re forcing him to do anything.

NBA fans will hope that he ends this before it costs him his promising career, because he is too good to handle himself as such.

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