Michael Jordan doesn’t approve of his son dating Larsa Pippen

in February, larsa pippen told Tamron Hall on national television Marcus JordanK’s parents are “okay” with them dating. The reality TV star—and ex-wife of Scottie Pippen—also revealed that she was spending quality time with Jordyn and ultimately had her blessing on the budding romance.

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But new paparazzi footage appears to contradict Larsa’s claims. In fact, Michael Jordan Showed his disapproval of their dating with a word and a gesture.

Michael Jordan is not here for the Marcus and Larsa romance

Media representatives met Michael Jordan in Paris on Sunday (2 July). Photographers snapped photos as the NBA star exited Matignon, a venue also known as a restaurant and club. Meanwhile, in particular, someone inquired about the 32-year-old man’s relationship with the 48-year-old Larsa.

Someone behind the recording camera asked, “Hey, Mr. Jordan, what do you think about Marcus and Larsa Pippen?”

Michael Jordan laughed heartily before the videographer asked again, “Do you admit it?” This time, Champion didn’t hold back, saying a loud, “no” and doubling over shaking his head “no” a few times before climbing into the waiting black truck.

TMZ first reported the video,

Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen Relationship Rundown

As mentioned, it was only a few months ago that Larsa confidently declared that “everyone” was “happy” and “fine,” including her parents and Michael and Juanita Jordan. She also claimed that she had spent the holidays with Jordan.

“I’ve been hanging out with [Marcus’ parents], But I don’t really want to talk about them. I feel like it’s not about my parents, his parents. They are all happy, our whole family is fine. I feel like it’s more about where I am than where it is,” Larsa told Tamron Hall. “I feel like we are in a great place. We inspire each other. We are really happy being together and I think that is the most important thing.

Has Michael Jordan changed his tune in the past few months? Or Larsa spread the truth? The answer to both questions is unclear.

Larsa and Marcus have not publicly responded to Michael’s documentary disclaimer.

However, the romance’s disapproval comes after Larsa admits that she is ready to have another child. If the couple do so, their child will be their fifth and Marcus’ first.

This topic comes up around 13 minutes into the second episode of his recently launched podcast, Separation anxiety with Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan. The couple collectively admitted that people, including friends, asked them about having children, but that they had never seriously discussed it in private.

Marcus claimed that his store, Trophy Room, took his mind off the children. And although Larsa claims to be “really full” with her group of four, she mentioned that she would “I’m ready to have another baby.”

Speculations about them dating started last September when they were spotted on a group outing. Larsa immediately denied the rumours. Soon after, Marcus and Larsa appear at a concert and a spontaneous baseball game. Finally, in January, they confirmed their relationship with a provocative public kiss.