Miami Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill allegedly hit marina worker

miami dolphins Signing Tyreek Hill to the largest wide receiver contract in the NFL was a risk.

Yes, he did scandal-free three times in a row in the season prior to becoming a Dolphin, but he has some jarring allegations in his past. A recent allegation does not rise to the seriousness of the other two, but it still accuses Hill of not keeping his hands.

Local 10 News in Miami said this Received tip Regarding assaultsaid to contain An employee at Hill and Haulover Marina. Event Allegedly ended with wide receiver hitting employee, Miami-Dade police confirmed to Local 10 that Hill is currently under investigation. Neither Hill nor his representation has issued a response.

not his first brush with the law

The last time Hill was under police investigation was in 2019, when he was still with the police kansas city chiefs, In March of the same year, Two police reports were filed against him for child abuse and neglect by his ex-fiancée Crystal Espinal. In one complaint, he was accused of breaking the arm of his then 3-year-old son. The case was dismissed. Hill was adamant publicly and on a call that his ex-fiancée recorded that he did not injure their son. However, Johnson County DA Stephen Howe publicly stated that he believed a crime had occurred. Also, both Hill and Aspinal temporarily lost custody Boy’s

There is more clarity with the accident that forced Hill out of Oklahoma State after one season. He allegedly punched and choked Espinal when she was pregnant with his son. Mountain pleaded guilty Received further probation for domestic violence charges. The incident happened in 2018 to erase from his record.

risk vs reward

Athletic talent has never been a question with Hill. He is arguably the most dynamic player in the NFL. In the game before he was arrested at Oklahoma State, he returned a punt 92 yards for a touchdown in the fourth quarter against Oklahoma. He is a physically dominant presence on the field at under 6 feet was tall, but his career was almost over before it even began.

Hill had to work his way through junior college to get into Power 5 football. He found immediate success, but was in shackles before Christmas 2014 and would later end his collegiate career at a Division II program. That case and that plea agreement dropped him in the fifth round at Oklahoma State selected in the 2016 NFL Draft. Hill was then elected a team, and coachWith a history of employing players with domestic abuse allegations.

As Hill enters his eighth NFL season, he has largely been a success story as a player. His career was almost derailed before it even started. At 29, he’s moved from a college campus to a nine-figure contract.

But there’s always the possibility for Hill that trouble could find him. A plethora of athletic talent comes with risks. The Dolphins took that risk, with the hope that the result is a championship contest. It’s been 15 months since he did business for them. Now he has firsthand experience of the downside of having Tyreek Hill on the roster.