MHz Choice launches summer premiere – Deadline

Unique: Subscription streaming outlet MHz Choice, which brings prestige international television to North American audiences, has set its summer slate with US/Canada premieres of 15 series and nine returning shows. They include secrets from the French period Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games: The ’70s And don’t leave meAn Italian police drama from the creators of Gomorrah,

france television criminal game The service started on 13 June. The 10-part series takes Agatha Christie’s mysteries in the 1970s and is led by three intrepid investigators. Emily Gavois-Kahn (Horoscope, le code, Coco before Chanel, swimming pool), Arthur DuPont (alice never, just palladium) and Chloe Chaudoy (Marie and the Misfits, Profiles) star. The producer is Thierry Debroux.

Federation Entertainments on August 15 don’t leave me Will brings Deputy Chief Elena Zonin (Vittoria Puccini) back to her hometown of Venice to hunt down a network of kidnappers. There, he is faced with a growing case as well as a past love triangle he left behind 20 years ago. GomorrahK Leonardo Fasoli created the series with Maddalena Ravagli. GomorrahK Ciro Visco directs.

Also this summer is due Murder in…, an anthology that is part crime series, part travelogue, taking viewers to sites and regions around France, with each of the nine episodes containing a mystery to be solved. This 10th season is set in Amboise, Biot, Frioul Island, Haute Provence, Kermadec, Marie-Galante, Mont Saint-Michel, Porquerolles and Rochefort Sur Mer. The launch date for MHz Choice is July 4. Film and picture distribution.

Multichoice, from the South African series Lioness Debuts on 1 August. The logline reads: A woman loses her children, her lover and her freedom when she is framed for a fraud committed by her husband before his death. Shannon Esra (legacy, River), Ivan Hengst (Resident Evil, The Mauritanian), Jazara Jasleen (warrior, professional), Joshua Eddy (kissing booth), Terence Ngwila (Wife) and Ilana Cilliers (binlanders) lead the cast.

About six-episodes of premium content preparers, from Australia, and also slated to release on August 1, follows Charlie (Nakkaiah Lui), a young Aboriginal woman who, after suffering her own personal cataclysm, finds herself at the center of Eden 2, Which is the community of those who prepare for the Day of Judgment. Apocalypse. Louis (Great) and Gabriel Dauric (Terminus, Colt 13) made the series.

Other new series hitting MHz Choice this summer include wake up my love (Italy), public enemy (Finland), Tatort: ​​Vienna (Austria) and crime is his game (France). Returning Shows Included Inspector Rex (Austria), Maigret (UK), captain marlu (France) and alice never (France).