Mets fan leaves Blue Jays’ Anthony Bass with Twitter clap for the ages

Meet Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass. Anthony is currently in the midst of a $3 million deal, but that apparently doesn’t allow him to help his pregnant wife travel with their two young children. Take a look at this recent post that Bass deliberately and willingly put out on Twitter.

Pretty tone deaf considering how shortchanged flight attendants and airline employees have been since the pandemic hit, And The airline cleaner who may or may not offer a chance to clean your plane before you board At least $24,000 per year.

So allow me to take a moment to sympathize with Bass’s wife. I’ve done a cross-country trip with two young kids (three and 18 months at the time), and it totally sucks to do it alone. Hats off to all the single parents out there. Kids this age make messes as easily as they breathe, somehow managing to shove things around that you didn’t even know they had. They are attracted to chaos in all its forms. And I let the bass loose a bit on this one too. We all resort to Twitter from time to time, justified or not. I’ve done it. You did it All we need is some sympathetic answers to calm down, people telling you they agree what happened to you was the greatest injustice in the world, and then it’s over.

But here Bass, who has “Christian” right above his Twitter bio, went over the line:

so bass is trying to get someone here who undoubtedly makes very little money excess more stressful work, disciplined at best and kicked out badly. It’s because he doesn’t think his wife should clean up after their kids. And he just keeps repeating and tweeting through it.

A normal person sees that a vast majority of people are misquoting him, and stands up. But not Anthony Bass! He’s here to thank the (very few) people who supported him and tried to get an overworked flight attendant in trouble.

That’s where I tell you that for all of Anthony’s strong opinions on what flight attendants should and shouldn’t do, he makes his job even more pointless. bass’ era Currently 7.11, and his WAR is -0.2. So he should definitely shut his mouth about how well someone else does his job. And that’s when Twitter user @e_munson stepped up and became the hero we needed:

Only a Mets fan could clap back with this utter darkness. God Bless New York.