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spoiler ALERT: Story includes details about the two-part Season 19 finale Grey’s Anatomy, “Wedding Bell Blues” and “Happily Ever After?”

grey’s anatomy wrapped up its nineteenth season with a two-part finale packed with many of the series’ hallmarks, including love confessions, hookups, heartache, a runaway bride and a cliffhanger ending with lives hanging in the balance . It also marked the return of two longtime cast members who departed as series regulars at the beginning of this season, Ellen Pompeo and Kelly McCarey, whose Meredith and Maggie, were reunited with Nick and Winston, respectively. Joined, for a much needed finale (and at least a happy ending.)

Finale also marks the passing of the outgoing baton. of gray Showrunner Krista Vernoff to new showrunner Meg Marinis, who will take over the reins next season. The two co-wrote Part 1 of the finale, which was directed by series star Kevin McKidd, while Marinis solely wrote Part 2, which was directed by Kevin McKidd. of gray executive producer and recurring guest star Debbie Allen.

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Title of Part I, wedding bell blues, pretty much sums up the episode. Simone tries to go through with her wedding to Trey, despite Simone professing her love for Lucas and Lucas – and sending her signs in the form of a wedding dress zipper malfunction and a dead Red Robin. (It was her mother’s favorite bird, so when a robin came along on her first date with Trey, she took it as a seal of approval from her late mother.)

Finally, Simone gets cold feet while walking down the aisle. In a scene straight out of a romantic movie, she runs, in a wedding gown, to the hospital — and in Lucas’s arms — as the two head straight to the break room for some alone time.

Their bliss didn’t last because in Part 2 of the finale, Trey was admitted to Gray Sloan with a fractured hand, potentially jeopardizing his surgical career. The jilted groom was involved in a traffic accident on his way to the hospital to talk to Simone. He punches Lucas in the face with his good hand, leaving Simone devastated.

“I hurt people,” she said, pulling away from Lucas again.

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Winston, Nick, Bailey, Amelia, Richard, and Katherine fly a private jet to Boston for the Katherine Fox Awards, where Nick, as well as Winston and Maggie, were nominated. All are shaken by the severe upheaval, causing Winston and Amelia to finally stop bickering over Winston and Maggie’s separation and hold hands. The fear of dying also drives Richard into drinking and convinces Nick that he needs to give his relationship with Meredith another try. Nick flees to Meredith’s house where a handsome man opens the door to tell her he is at work.

Meredith was actually in the lab where she dropped a bombshell on her former co-workers – she wanted to challenge previous Alzheimer’s research, taking a new look at the causes of the disease, while discrediting Derek’s work in the process. All of them advised him to keep it quiet for now to protect his funding and his reputation.

But at the awards show, when Meredith is introduced to major donors, she flaunts her revolutionary — and controversial — theory, potentially jeopardizing her funding.

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At the ceremony, Meredith also presented the Catherine Fox Award, which did not go to any of the nominees, but for her work “protecting reproductive rights and training the next generation of doctors on how to deliver reproductive care.” Startled.

Nick, Winston and Maggie didn’t mind. Maggie, sporting a shiny new haircut, and Winston have just picked up sex right where they left off before the breakup and are very much in love after some ugly fights earlier this season, much to the delight of fans. But just as the two looked like they might get back together, Winston divorced because “I want to excel at my job,” he said. Maggie put a pin in it for a moment.

Meanwhile, fans of Meredith and Nick’s heart-to-heart were upset for months, ever since their disastrous farewell meeting and heartbreaking followup phone call. Meredith goes to Nick’s hotel to drop him a note under the door. He opened the door and told her about his near-death experience on the plane, which “made me realize how badly I wanted to live … a whole life of love and filth and pain and with you.”

Unlike last time on the plane, when Meredith pretends she didn’t hear when Nick tells her he loves her and hangs up, she reciprocates her feelings. With an eye on a possible future together in Boston, they write “Happily Ever After?” can be the answer. Question from the title of the closing part 2. And the man who opened the door to Meredith’s house – turns out he was her daughter’s tutor, and he’s also gay.

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Another set of longtime star-crosses of gray The lovers, Link and Jo, finally reveal their feelings for each other at the end of Part 2. Link was the one who first professed his love when he couldn’t take it any more, having spent several days watching Jo flirt with his hunky patient Sam.

Speaking of Sam, he finds himself on the operating table in the final seconds of the finale, refusing to wait for Lucas to attend and stepping in to perform surgery in a terrifying throwback to last season’s episode , where Levy took a similar risk. , which was not paid and his patient died.

Sam’s fate hangs in the balance with Teddy attending surgery.

Overworked as the new principal, she hasn’t had time to visit the dentist for a debilitating toothache, which has been plaguing her throughout the two-part finale. Finally, she collapses in the ER, with Owen rushing to her side and trying to revive her with a defibrillator.

While Teddy’s life is in grave danger, as Deadline reported earlier today, Kim Raver, who plays her, has long of gray Cast members James Pickens Jr. (Richard), Chandra Wilson (Bailey), Kevin McKidd (Owen), Camilla Luddington (Joe) and Caterina Scorsone (Amelia) have signed on to continue the show next season.

in other developments from of gray In the finale, Jules and Quan take their love-hate relationship to another level when he ignores the DNR and DNI requests of Jules’ beloved roommate Max – and saves his life.

After sticking her neck out for a single mom accused of giving her little boy fentanyl and winning that fight, she was encouraged to do so, the mom was cleared of wrongdoing and her son was fine. happened.

Mika had a great day at the office – asserting herself in the hospital while also finding love as she and Helm kissed to become official as a couple.

Richard and Amelia were both feeling overwhelmed after severe turbulence on the plane and Meredith’s daring theory. Needing support, Amelia leaves to find an AA meeting, while Richard is last seen high on a vodka tonic that he ordered.