Megan Thee Stallion Embraces Self-Care and Finding ‘Balance’

as push for prosecutors tory lanez to get a sentence of 13 years, megan the stallion Continuing to dish on how she is prioritizing her well-being and getting her mind right.

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Megan Thee Stallion Is “Setting More Boundaries” And Prioritizing Her Peace

Megan broached the subject during a recent sit-down PeopleAnd the “NDA” rapper declared that she’s “doing a better job of prioritizing self-care.”

She also stated her “emphasis on the hustle culture” and how she understands the importance of finding “a balance” between work and leisure.

“Sometimes society puts too much emphasis on hustle culture and not enough attention to physical and mental health. It’s a balance.

Megan Thee Stallion added, “I’m making some adjustments to my routine and I want to let my hotties know that it’s acceptable to reset and recharge when necessary.” Duration!

To reveal how she’s putting herself first, the “H-Town hottie” spoke on some of her self-care activities — which include journaling, praying, and watching TV.

“I’m just setting more boundaries and taking more time for myself. When I’m taking a self-care day, I usually do activities like journaling, praying, spending time with my dogs, working out, attending my favorite shows and just who make me happy

In conclusion, Megan sent a loving message to her fans as she has “done so much to uplift and inspire them”.

“My hotties have done so much to uplift and inspire me over the years. I am very grateful and humbled for their love.”

The rapper previously said she was experiencing a “rebirth”.

Megan’s update comes two months after she discussed her journey to rise above hate shadow room previously reported.

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His comments come via a first-person piece published exclusively in EliAnd she didn’t shy away from speaking her truth.

From describing how people treated her trauma “like a running joke” to admitting how she was “smiling through pain”, Megan stopped everyone and wished her “rebirth” .

Also, during an interview in style Late last month, Megan said she was “focused on healing” rather than making new music.

“Fans can expect new music when I’m in a better place. Right now, I’m focused on healing.”

We continue to wish Megan Thee Stallion all the best.