Meet the Other ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 Engaged Couples: Status Check

2 Other 'Love Is Blind' Season 4 Couples Got Engaged: Learn Their Current Relationship Status

Jimmy Ford, Wendy Kong, Ava Jenson and JP Schultz. Courtesy of Netflix (4)

More love to share! love is blind Season 4 highlighted six couples’ journey from Netflix pods to the wedding aisle, but there were actually two more couples who were more than willing to accept the proposal.

Jimmy Ford And Josh “JP” Schultz The two found love during the Seattle-set iteration of The Pod Experiment, which first dropped on Netflix last month. Jimmy, 29, found instant sparks with the cast member wendy kong,

“The first thing she said to me was that she came here packing half a suitcase and it was very jarring and different from any other woman,” the technical product manager told Netflix’s Tudum in one. The interview was published on Friday, 14 April. “Immediately, I was like, ‘Yeah, this is what I have to live with.’

After hours and hours of intense conversation, Jimmy chooses to propose unseen. “It gave me a chance to be really real and verbalize to someone what I was always looking for and tell them, ‘You are the person who fits this mold for me,'” he told the outlet. ,[Meeting her in person was] Probably one of the happiest moments of my life.

Wendy, 28, was equally excited to meet her beau in real life as well, however, their journey was chosen not to continue on the reality TV show. The newly engaged couple leave the pods to settle into their newly blended lives in private.

“That’s where it started coming back down to earth and everything started settling down a little bit,” Jimmy claimed to Tudum, noting that they split three months later. ,[We had different visions of] How do we view relationships in general?

Neither Jimmy nor the Engineer regret their brief romance, and they remain on amicable terms.

“It was definitely a recalibration for me. [The show] Pushed me and pulled me in a way that I wouldn’t normally pull at,” Wendy told Tudum earlier this month.

Jimmy mocked the lack of screen time by adding “the forgotten cast of S4 @loveisblindnetflix” to his Instagram bio. When asked by a follower why she was excluded from filming, she replied: “No question to me… I was myself, did my best and had fun with it.” ,

JP, 30, was too sure he found The One ava jenson during love is blind Season 4. The plant operations director and communications specialist, 32, naturally gravitated to each other in the pods before getting engaged.

“everything i felt [the pods] felt real. I was so excited when she said yes,” JP told Tudum, feeling “emotional and overwhelmed” at their personal reveal.”

Ava, for her part, noticed a change in her fiancé after he left the experiment. “I saw him at the airport, and he was a completely different person,” she alleged on Friday. “When we were getting on the plane, I felt my phone vibrate and it pinged a little bit and I looked down and he sent me a text basically ending the engagement.”

JP, however, claims that he only hoped to reset their expectations because he did not want to get married on the accelerated timeline that is the premise. love is blind, Ava was ultimately “shocked and humiliated”, and their pod bond never recovered.

JP formed close friendships with many others love is blind men, even briefly speaking with her at the cast’s on-camera birthday party Chelsea Griffin,

The two failed engagements were not followed up on the show and producers have not revealed that neither JP and Ava nor Jimmy and Wendy were chosen for the next step.

love is blind Season 4 covers the love stories of Chelsea, 32, and kwame appiah, tiffany pennywell And Brett Brown, Micah Lussier And Paul Peden And Marshall Glaze And Jacqueline “Jackie” Bonds, jack goitowskibriefly engaged irina solomonovalater rekindled their pod romance with Anand PouritejadiWhich also got screentime. Only Chelsea and Kwame, Tiffany and Brett and Zack and Bliss got married in the Season 4 finale, which aired Friday.

love is blind Season 4 is currently streaming on Netflix. The cast reunion airs Sunday, April 16 at 8:00PM ET on the live streaming giant.