Matthew Knowles shares rare photo of Beyonce and Solange

Matthew Knowles shared a rare picture of his daughters beyonce And solange on Instagram on Wednesday. Plus, the 71-year-old father and music executive talked about raising famous kids.

The 71-year-old explained that “we need to encourage our children.” “The early passions of many children need to be nurtured and supported,” he added.

“We need to encourage, nurture, and support our children’s early passions,” Knowles says.

“We need to encourage our children,” he began his message in the caption of the picture. “I believe that in many areas our youth are often more intuitive than adults. That early passion that many children have should be nurtured and supported.”

Knowles explained that her mother “supported” her “every ambition”. Even though he does not come from a rich family.

He also recalled that his mother bought him a “set of encyclopedia books”. Then credits the gift for sparking his curiosity, ultimately making him the successful businessman he is today.

Furthermore, Knowles reflected on his time on the basketball court and shared that his “love for basketball started at an early age.” Knowles explained that because it was “nurtured”, it remained with her “throughout her life”.

“Some of my dearest friends today are some of the most notable NBA legends in history. My love for basketball began at a young age, and because it was fostered, it stayed with me throughout my life,” he wrote.

Beyonce and Solange’s father talks about guiding their careers in the entertainment industry

Knowles also talked about how he and ex-wife Tina Knowles-Lawson guided Beyoncé and Solange into their careers in the entertainment industry after they showed “an interest in music at a very young age”.

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“When Beyoncé and Solange instilled in Tina an interest in music at a very young age [Knowles-Carter] And I (who were already corporate professionals and entrepreneurs) didn’t try to belittle their passion,” he shared. “Rather, we encouraged them, we guided them, we supported them. Till they made it Taken seriously and striving to give their best, we were happy with whatever career path they chose.

Knowles celebrates her daughters’ careers: “The world needs more people who connect with their inner ambitions”

Knowles concludes the long title by celebrating his daughters’ careers. “The world needs more people who are engaged with their innermost ambitions and passions, and surrounded by those who nurture them,” he added.

“It will make the world a better place for all of us,” he said.

Knowles’ daughters have become prominent figures in the entertainment industry and are of interest in today’s music and culture.

To that end, Beyoncé recently broke the record for winning the most Grammy Awards during this year’s ceremony.

Meanwhile, Solange has recently proved her talent for voice acting and composition. She most famously provided the voice of Chanel Parker. Proud family.