Mark Cuban is not who we thought he was going to be

this past week has been dry The cherry on top of the whipped cream sundaes that ended the 2022-23 season dallas mavericks, He entered a game from a play-in tournament within two months of trading for it. Kyrie Irving, It would be easy to blame him for the downfall of the Mavericks, but the dynasty was well in progress long before he arrived. Dallas’ Struggle at the top begins with team owner Mark Cuban WHO I entered nba Angry with the establishment and bringing the energy of youth and change,

How Cuba gave unplanned media availability on Wednesday to lay its side on the contract Extension talks with current rising New York Knicks star Jalen Brunson failed last season. He denied What Brunson told Chris Haynes of Turner Sportswhich people in the guard camp believed that he would have accepted Four-year, $55.5 million expansion,

He was eligible for the same offer that Dorian Finney-Smith had signed. According to Brunson, the Mavericks did not get back to him. In February, Brunson claimed that the Mavericks were willing to extend him that offer, but by then he was starting regularly and playing well.

Cuban told the media that Brunson was Not ready to sign extension in JanuaryAnd the main reason was the involvement of his parents.

“We thought, ‘Cause JB kept telling us he liked being here. JB never gave us a hint,” Cuban Said Media. “It was only the parents that were the issue.”

Cuban even went so far as to read the media from his phone what he claimed were text messages from Mavericks G.general mAggar Nico Harrison and Brunson’s agent Aaron Mintz. message that allegedly Currently inducted is Brunson’s father Rick. A Knicks Assistant Coach – Wanted her son to sign a $18-$23 million per year deal, Brunson signed a four-year, $26 million per year deal with the Knicks over the summer. ,New York’s record is better than Maw’s In this weather.)

The Mavericks had every reason not to re-sign Brunson in 2022 after their impressive postseason runs over the winter and summer. In the last postseason, Trey Burke was brought off the bench in front of him in the third quarter of Game 7 of the Mavericks’ first-round loss to the Los Angeles Clippers. Brunson did not play 16 minutes in any game, and was not a regular starter for the Mavericks for a significant portion of the 2021–22 season.

Cuban would be right to be hesitant about how much money was offered for Brunson’s upkeep, but he went so low as to blame his parents for signing their kid to the best contract they could get. Appointed. Blaming them is a complete abdication of responsibility, despite the 100 percent truth of what happened.

All of this is further proof that the guy who made his fortune by getting out of the dot-com bubble before it burst is not the guy to revolutionize the game.

Cuban bought a franchise that already had stars in – dirk nowitzkiSteve Nash and Michael Finlay who made the first of their two A’sll-sThe appearance of tar a month after purchase.

Cuban was so radical that he doubled down on centers such as Raef LaFrentz, Eric Dampier, Desagna Diop and Brendan Haywood. Dampier and Diop were part of a 67-win team that lost to the Golden State Warriors in the first round. Most of NovitzKey’s career was doomed until the Mavericks caught lightning in a bottle in 2011, sweeping the Los Angeles Lakers and defeating the Miami Heat in the Finals.

the mavs did not win another playoff series Until last season – largely because Brunson carried him through the first round when an injury to Luka Doncic. As great as this new and exciting Mavericks culture has been, it has never resulted in a successful big-name signing, trade or much win after 2011.

However, Cuban’s on-court failures fade Compared to what happened in the office. In 2018, Sports Illustrated Reported on the “corrosive” workplace culture of the Mavericks. There were allegations of sexual harassment and assault. (Former Team President and CEO Terdema Useri denied the allegations against him.)

As reported by SI, former beat Writers employed by the Earl Snead franchise being arrested at team facility and accused of assault. sprinkling pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of family violence assault and interference with an emergency request. He Allegedly After two years, assaulted a female employee. (He declined to comment to SI when contacted.),

One Confirmation of internal investigation That the workplace culture at the Mavericks office was really toxic. The investigation also concluded cuba He had no knowledge of these incidents, but apologized on television for what happened.

In spring 2022, former coach and general manager Donny Nelson – Cuban’s first head coach – alleged that he was fired for reporting Cuban’s c.head of sTaft sexually assaulted his nephew during a job interview. cuba denies those allegationsAnd the Mavericks released a statement that does just that.

It’s been 23 years since Cuban bought the Mavericks. They’ve certainly made NBA basketball more popular in the Metroplex than ever before. As for his new and improved sports owner, his track record in the NBA shows him to be another guy who knows how to make money.