Long Live the Rocket: Highlighting Memorable Takeoff Verses

take off (born Kirsnik Khari Ball) lost his life on November 1st, 2022 at the age of only 28 and the loss was a huge hit to the rap community.

Now, June 18, 2023 is marked migos It would have been the rapper’s 29th birthday, which marks a significant milestone since his loss.

In honor of Takeoff’s late first birthday, let’s take a look back at some of the iconic verses he provided fans.

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First, we have Takeoff’s line in “Motorsport,” which was a cheeky reference to nicki minaj,

For context, Nicki was featured on the track, and Take got a bit bold in some of his lines.

“If Nikki should show me her breast
Right hand on the Bible, I swear I won’t tell.

if i could play with that kitten
I wonder how many Platinums we’ll sell.

Nicki eventually addressed the lines on Twitter, noting that she “didn’t even peep them until the song came out.” Oops!

“last memory”

on the fifth track of the last rocketTakeoff ends with a whimsical, space-themed poem telling fans straight up what he’s up to.

“I go into space with the stars (stars),
Can smoke a blunt with my pilot (Cookie).
Saturn, Moon, Earth and Mars (Mars),
NASA takeoff with rocket (NASA).

Aside from some ill-placed references, this “last memory” verse really captures the energy that Takeoff was known for.


argue CultureIn the title track of the album Take and Dj Khaled,

After some cheesy dialogue by DJ Khaled in the intro to “Culture,” Takeoff kicks off with some incessant rhyming, leading up to his proclamation that another album from Migos is “coming soon.” We do clever marketing!

“I act a*s, baboon.
Wrap up that dope, cocoon.
Young rich n***a in the room.
Finesse a***a, no raccoon.

M&M is spending in June.
Traveled to Cancun.

Culture album coming soonSecond,


The next song is “Intruder”, where the Takeoffs rap about attacking a home invader.

However, while doing so, of course juxtaposes with its references. From referencing potato peelings and cannibalism to holidays like Halloween and Independence Day, Takeoff lets your imagination run wild with this poem.

“I got the right to kill them,
Potato peel how a *** a peel.
cannibalism, my dog ​​ate it (Ruff!).
No Halloween, but I can trick or treat with her,
Or take her Fourth of July and her freedom (take off!,

“sloppy hat”

This travis scott The track lets listeners know what it’s all about in the title, and Takeoff came through and let out their wild side on the song!

With the track’s debut in 2014, it serves as an earlier example of takeoff.

“She got the sloppy hat (Ugh),
B***he wants my broccoli.
He’s after my money, Monopoly (huh?)
them twitter b***hes wanna follow me,
I force them to swallow themselves and then drive them out of my possessions.

“hotel lobby”

In “Hotel Lobby”, Takeoff lets fans know what’s happening while being discreet can’t spill Very Lots of tea

Specifically, he recalls getting chillin’ and “geek” with some of the girls at the party while reminding himself to “chill out” and not reveal everything.

He also references “cannibals” in the track, so it seems like a recurring theme for Takeoff.

“They are some cannibals (eaters)
They like to go crazy, drink a whole bottle, wake up and repeat (damn)
She took a lil’ (sh), mixed it in – (Chill out)
Now she said she’s watching 3D (wow)”

“Feel the Fiah”

Finally, we have “Feel the Fiaaah”, which was included in metro boomin‘S heroes and villains album and was released about a month after Takeoff’s passing.

Within his verse, the track brings in some alphabetical wordplay, including AZ throughout its run.

“We are what they want to be (be),
Like the letter that comes after A (Ayy).
I bought my b***ha new C (channel),
then i took her D (let’s go).
said she wanted to have a I (Ok),
don’t go anywhere without me f & n (BRRT).
No Givenchy, I’m G(G).”

Rest in Peace, Takeoff, and Happy Late Birthday.