Lil Durk says he and Bharat Royal are ‘always going to be together’

In an update on his personal life, lil durk Notes that she’s all about family, healing, and keeping it real!

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Dirk quashes baby rumours, says India will ‘always’ be his partner

while sitting together XXLDirk took a moment to accept his position. India Royal,

Despite India recently slamming the rapper online and breaking off their engagement, Dirk declared that they would “always be together.”

“She’ll always be my girl. We’ll always be together. I’m dying about that right there.”

Dirk also strongly denied speculation that he fathered a child with another woman while in India. When the interviewer acknowledged that “everybody thinks” the opposite, Dirk said he didn’t need to respond to “trolling”.

“I don’t think there’s a need for me to go out there and be like, ‘I didn’t have any kids…’ If you go out there and say you didn’t, they’ll still say you did. So, it’s okay, as long as home is home, the internet can’t change the perspective of nothing. It’s the same with beef, and it’s the same with trolling. If you answer, you answer Let’s give

Additionally, the “Petty Too” rapper declared, “Everything you see on the internet about me and him is fake.”

“I never really feed on the internet… what me and him do in the house, we pass on in the house. Everything you see on the internet about me and him is fake. Like having a baby on it, all that s**t, it’s out of nowhere that we’re facing our own little problem.

Lil Durk is in therapy and working towards his GED

In addition to his position with India, Dirk accepts an important life decision: starting medicine.

So far, the rapper says the process has taught him to cope differently.

“I’ve got a therapist so I cope differently. You know, it shouldn’t just be, ‘I’m going to take all these drugs,’ or ‘I’m going to get over my feelings like this. ‘

He said, “I found my family, I found my girl, I found a therapist, I found my kids and I found the studio.”

Notably, he also shared why it was hard to open up about his feelings. After all, he had lived his entire life believing that weaknesses would be used against him.

“I don’t show emotion… You have to be careful what you say to people. You have to be careful how you tell people, what you say to people, because they can use that against you. They can use your Weaknesses can be detected.

However, he may now be “more emotional” when talking to his therapist. Don’t get it twisted though, as he says that “somebody on the street” would “never” see him tearing up!

On top of therapy, Dirk also shared that he hired a tutor to help him earn his GED.

Before ending, he acknowledged these decisions, declaring, “If I don’t change nothing can change.”

“I always thought about what I wanted to do, or what I wanted to be. And if I don’t change, nothing can change.