LaTocha Scott apologizes to sister Tamika and denies stealing $30K

Via an emotional Instagram Live, LaTocha Scott apologized to her sister and Xscape groupmate, Tamika Scott.

Specifically, LaTocha’s apology dealt with allegations that she and her then-husband Rocky Bivens stole $30K in royalties from Tamika, which recently came to light during an episode of Bravo. SWV and XSCape: Queens of R&B,

Additionally, in a YouTube video titled “Tamika Scott of Xscape Drops Receipts”, Tamika recounts her testimony by going to IN and calling on LaTocha to “go somewhere and repent and ask God to forgive you and your husband”. shared.

Now, Latocha—who initially apologized to her sister—is coming out and saying she wants to make things right.

Latocha says she and Tamika ‘need to sit down like sisters’

During her IG Live, LaTocha tearfully admitted that she has been “reaching out” to try to fix things with Tamika. He also flatly denied stealing his sister’s money.

“For me and my sister, we’ll get through this together. I’m reaching out. I don’t have answers. I found out about the $30,000 charge while watching TV with you all. Did I take my sister’s money? I No.”

Latocha said they needed “clarity” before addressing this, noting that they had to “sit down as sisters” and not let the drama play out online, because “it’s not cool.”

“We don’t need to sit as sisters and watch it happen on social media. Like, on social media, it’s not cool. We need to sit down and figure out what it is ’cause we can find anything, but we have to communicate… I’ve been convicted of being a thief, and I don’t even know what you talkin’ about are doing.

Although she was still expressing her confusion over the matter, Latocha apologized to her sister.

“I apologize, Tamika, if I didn’t hear you. If I didn’t hear your voice. I’m sorry.”

Latocha Scott says she and Rocky Bivens are in an open relationship

On the subject of Latocha’s recent IG Live, it’s worth noting that she also revealed that she and her husband—who was recently accused of fathering a child with another woman—”have an open relationship.” in “relationship”.

“I am well aware of the allegations against him…

Some people keep quiet the fact that they have an open relationship. They want to keep it private, but there we have it. And let us be judged according to what people are saying, or whatever it is, y’all keep judging, y’all live. All of you have got married. Not everyone will always be true. Things keep happening.”

She kept repeating that she “knows[s] Everything” People is saying about their union before reiterating, “We have an open relationship.”

“You think I don’t know—I know Everything, Everything. I am not ignorant of things. My husband and I, what you all don’t understand is that we have an open relationship.

She also denied that Rocky had ever misbehaved with her. Additionally, Latocha acknowledged how she is “not at peace at the moment,” before explaining how difficult it was to handle all the backlash against her.

“You don’t know how it feels to have people coming up against you and attacking you every day. And for what reason?”

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