Lala Kent weighs in on ‘Vanderpump Rules’ reunion revelation

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Lala Kent. Todd Williamson / Bravo

Worth the promotion? Lala Kent shared his thoughts on the bombshell revelation that was dropped during the final part of vanderpump rules Season 10 Reunion.

during part 3 of pump rule The reunion — which airs Wednesday, June 7 on Bravo — Raquel Lewis spent the last five minutes speaking alone with a producer, revealing that he and tom sandovalThe affair started even before he could say it. The 28-year-old former beauty queen also shared that she initially wanted to be in “Throple” ariana madix and Sandoval, 40.

“I was very confused,” the 32-year-old told Kent Andy Cohen on his Wednesday night appearance Watch what happens live with Andy Cohen, saying she was still trying to wrap her head around Lewis, going from a “lost soul” to a “complete breakdown” as in, ‘I’m trying to protect Tom ‘ It is like taking an acid attack.”

Amazingly, the “Dem Dem Lala” podcast host said she “feels better” about Lewis after seeing his final statements. Lewis “needs a lot of work,” admitted Kent. “I don’t know if reality TV is best for her.”

before Lewis’s last-minute entrance on Part 3 of The Reunion – in which she revealed that she and Sandoval are dating for the second time shayna shay And brock davis‘ married in August 2022 and confessed to lying to Sandoval – both of whom were confronted by their co-stars for their affair. Model who was previously engaged james kennedyThe 38-year-old joined the cast after watching the reunion from a separate trailer due to her temporary restraining order against Shay.

While things quickly heated up – and most of the cast cursed Sandoval and Lewis for their affair – the two confessed that they were in love with each other. However, Kent told Cohen that he believed the TomTom co-founder had “already completely moved on” and “wouldn’t forgive” Lewis for disclosing about the timing of their romance. .

Kent also responded to Sandoval’s “t-shirt” comment, saying she felt “sick” about it.(“[Ariana] He was wearing his T-shirt, it was really hot,” the restaurant owner said sarcastically at the reunion when Maddix revealed they were still sleeping together in the midst of her affair with Lewis.)

us weekly It was confirmed in March that Lewis and Sandoval’s secret romance led to their split from Maddix, 37, after nearly a decade of dating. In response to the public backlash, Lewis and the Schwartz & Sandy co-owner made separate apologies to Maddix on social media.

lala-kent-wet-in-on--vanderpump-rules--reunion-revelation--hinted-at-plan-to-return-for-season-11-after-tom-sandoval-and-raquel-lewis-- Scandal - 303
Nicole Weingart / Bravo

Kent, for his part, joined the conversation when he publicly took the Florida native’s side. Viewers had previously seen a feud form between the beauty mogul and Lewis after the California native called her costar a mistress multiple times on screen.

Before the reunion aired, Kent recalled originally thinking that Lewis would become a fan favorite for the season.

“She would have won the season. She would have been the No. 1 chick,” Utah said during a May episode of her podcast as she makes up for lost time, following the former beauty queen’s emotional confession about her split from Kennedy, 31. Referring to the statement. We think she was crying so loudly because she was feeling guilty? The line was crossed even before having sex. An emotional affair had begun.

At the time, Kent said she was not ruling out a potential redemption arc for Lewis, adding, “As much as I slam him at every opportunity, I see him as a broken person. I don’t think That he is heartless and soulless.

Kent’s friendship with Sandoval, however, took a major turn in the wake of her infidelity. After arguing on screen during the reunion, Give it Lala The author took the drama to social media in response to comments Sandoval made about her daughter.

“You’re a silly king. You pulled out your IUD the day you found out Stacy was pregnant,” the Missouri native said during Part 2 of the reunion. His comment, which Kent did not hear during the taping, was a jibe at his co-star who gave birth two months later. vanderpump rules alum Stacy Schroeder Welcomed daughter Hartford with husband beau clark,

After the episode aired, Kent blasted Sandoval in a lengthy social media message.

“Tonight this is the second time I’ve watched Sandoval cut short the conception of my beautiful, magical daughter. I am furious. It makes me sit here and question who the f—k picked you up and how did they sit there Will be like, ‘Shall we really claim this f–king boy? Really?'” The reality star personality, who shares her 2-year-old with ex Randall Emmett, Said. “I’m so glad I didn’t hear that at the reunion, because I tell you what, these mama bear paws got the f—k out of her. Sandoval, you better watch your f—king tongue. When You talk about me, you keep my daughter out of your mouth. That’s where I draw the f–king line. You can come for me all day long. You leave her out of it.

She concluded: “That child was brought into this world out of love, respect. My relationship may have turned sour, but that little girl is the best thing that ever happened to me. how dare you.”

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