Kourtney Kardashian has ‘no friends’ amid feud

Kim Kardashian took aim kourtney kardashian Addressing their feud over her Dolce & Gabbana collaboration.

during a new episode of kardashianwhich began streaming on Thursday, June 22, Khloe Kardashian offered Kourtney’s side of the story.

“I hope she talks to you about it. I really wish she would. She definitely feels like you stole her thunder. And she feels, like, why doesn’t she do something for herself?” Can you keep it? The Good American cofounder, 38, said. “I hear his friends are bugging him. His words were, ‘Everyone thinks it’s the weirdest thing.’

Khloe recalled an emotional moment between herself and Kourtney, 44, off screen, saying: “I found out that Kourt is very upset because she actually made me cry. He just feels that there is no loyalty in this family, and everyone wants what the other person has.

Kim, 42, for her part, initially understood what her eldest brother was trying to make up. However, the Skims founder changed his mind after hearing what Courtney had to say about the drama behind his back.

“I shouldn’t have asked him for permission. I thought I was being really careful. There were a lot of collections [I didn’t choose items from]” she said before throwing shade at Kourtney. “She’s telling every single one of her friends [supports her], But he has no friends. so, travis [Barker],

Earlier in the season, the Posh founder accused Kim of choosing her job over her family.

“I just feel like there’s such a plethora of opportunities. It’s not about the business. Kourtney, who exchanged vows with Travis, 47, explained on the June 15 episode: “It’s just stupid because it’s so much deeper than that. is about [where people] Grabbing whatever is in the way. There is so much abundance and excess – it is never enough. It is not right to just do nothing or turn something down.”

Kourtney claimed that Kim was not happy in their marriage. ,[Kim] Wasn’t happy in my marriage. Everyone was like, ‘Wow, this is amazing. We are having the best time. He never gave approval like, ‘It’s so wonderful. I love this whole vibe. Do you feel bad or how do you feel about doing something based on this?'” he added. “Because I was never going to tell anybody not to do anything.”

Courtney concluded: “I think it’s subconscious too. I think she just looks at everything I have and takes it for herself. And she doesn’t even see it. She sees it as a dollar sign.” But I see it as, ‘Oh, you were there. You weren’t happy.’ Everybody said something to me. They were all like, ‘She’s spiraling.’

after filming season 3 kardashianKourtney surprised fans by announcing a major development in her personal life.

The reality star confirmed earlier this month that she is expecting her first child with Travis. During a Blink-182 concert on Friday, June 16, Courtney held up a handwritten sign board that read, “Travis, I’m pregnant.” The idea was inspired by the band’s “All the Small Things” music video.

In response to Kourtney’s baby news, Kim celebrated the sweet revelation on social media. “We’re having a Kravis baby,” she wrote via Instagram Story.

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