Kim Mulkey Meets Joe Biden Who Brought Brittany Griner Home

Angel Reese has owned her moment. having a name Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four After LSU won its first national title in program history Iowa’s Reactions To Its “Treatment” With Caitlin Clark The Best Example Of “Two Americas” We’ve Seen In A While, According To His Public Claims His team would rather see the Obama family than go to the White House Doctor. disrespectfully after jill biden Said both the Hawkeyes and the Tigers should come visit,

It’s been quite a week. However, the best possible story of them all was overlooked. idea of Kim Mulkey Potentially Meeting President Biden – The Man Who Decided To Bring Brittany Griner Home Mulkey did practically nothing The whole time she was the best player ever to be imprisoned in Russia – she was watching right in front of us.

And on Thursday, it was set in stone. LSU is going to the white house,

“Congratulations to @LSUwbkb who displayed excellence on and off the court. He showed us what it feels like to win with an unwavering belief in ourselves. And they did it in one of the most watched women’s sports in American history. You have an incredible school, @LSUpresident,” the president tweetedwhen he officially invited the Tigers and UConn’s men’s team to the White House earlier in the week.

If you hadn’t heard, angel reese is leaving, Very. What we should all focus on, though, is Mulkey’s presence, because it always seemed like Biden wouldn’t care what was necessary to bring home his former star player.

“God is right. Prayers are powerful,” Mulkey told ESPN in December That’s when we found out Griner was going to be free. “Britney is on her way home where she lives. Our prayers are with him and his family as they recover and recover.”

They she could only muster 29 words speaking only once on Griner’s position when he replied, “And you wouldn’t,” when Asked why he is publicly silent on the matter.

Back in 2019, Mulki looked pathetic – re – as she publicly begged/mentioned that she would welcome an invitation from Trump to the White House after winning her last national championship at Baylor – yet at that point Trump showed us how he felt about women Do, noting that she did not invite the singles women’s championship team to the White House.

OK, it worked. Trump invites Baylor Despite DC feeling that Mulkey was the only one it was “happy about”.fast-food feastHe broke the bank.

“I saw that last game and it was a tough, tough game,” Trump said About Baylor’s 82-81 win over Notre Dame.

yes right

Four years later, Mulkey is going back to the White House to meet another president she probably didn’t vote for — Obama and Biden, not Trump. Kim Mulkey and Joe Biden are both two people who have a history of speaking whatever is on their mind. And that’s why the Angel Reese angle isn’t important here. We should all be hoping the White House can pick up audio between Mike Biden and Mulkey when they first meet for a photo-op. Because even though that picture may say a thousand words, what they say to each other can be priceless.