Keyshia Cole says she ‘hated’ the iconic riff in hit song ‘Love’

Keyshia Cole isn’t the only artist who’s had to struggle with liking her hit tracks. In 2010, ten years willow smith stepped into the music world with “Whip My Hair”.

Despite having a pre-teen behind the mic, the track gained instant popularity. On the Billboard Hot 100, it peaked at number 11. However, the first single also had success peaking in the top ten and twenty in other countries such as Denmark, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

But during an episode in December 2018 red table talkWillow acknowledged that the song’s success prompted personal struggles, particularly in her relationship with her father. Will Smith,

“I definitely had to forgive you and Dad for that whole “whip my hair” thing. It was mostly Daddy because he was so harsh at certain times. It was like for a few years I’d lost those feelings,” Willow said. But trying to regain trust like I wasn’t heard, or that no one cared about how I felt during that time.

Then, in July 2021, Willow shocked fans when she shaved off her hair during a live performance of “Whip My Hair”.