Kevin Spacey trial defense day 2 will take place at Southwark Crown Court – Deadline

Kevin Spacey has hit back at the man who accused him of grabbing his crotch “like a cobra”, saying he “made up his whole story from start to finish”, while acknowledging that he A different complainant “definitely misread” the signs.

Taking the role of witness on the second day of his defense, Spacey was questioned by prosecuting attorney Christina Agnew Casey, who first asked the two-time Oscar winner if the “crotch grab” was something he “normally does.” are” someone you just met for the first time.”

Spacey replied: “No.” When asked if this was something he did before working, and he considers it a “trademark”, Spacey replied: “No.

He said, “Let me put it this way, it is the term ‘grabbing a crotch’ or ‘groping a crotch’ that I object to.”

When Agnew asked Spacey whether he considered the crotch grab to be a “proper” first move, the actor replied: “It’s not usually the first move.”

Spacey told jurors at Southwark Crown Court this morning that he is an “affectionate person” and agreed he could hug someone after making the “first move”.

Asked what “steps” would be appropriate, the Hollywood actor said: “Every encounter we have as human beings, that I’ve had, is unique. The situation is unique, the person is unique, and the way we interact Yes he is unique.

“I can’t tell you what always happens, it’s always different.”

“Definitely misread” the signs.

Responding to suggestions that he may have “overlooked” the signals from the four complainants, Spacey said he had “definitely misread” the signals from one complainant, who in early 2010 had bought an expensive property in the Cotswolds to live in. But the alleged sexual abuse was dismissed.

The actor said he had “consensual conversations” with two other complainants – one who took him to a glitzy showbiz party in the early 2000s and an aspiring actor who claimed Spacey “drugged” him. given, before he awoke to find the defendant having sex. act on it.

Referring to the complainant, who alleged that Spacey grabbed her crotch “like a cobra” after they met in a West End theater in the mid-2000s, the actor said: “She told her whole story from start to finish. Made it.”

Continuing to give evidence during cross-examination, Spacey claimed that he was a “very fortunate actor who got some very remarkable film roles.”

Agnew asked Casey: “You got two Oscars by the time you were in the UK?”

Spacey replied: “Yeah.”

The Hollywood star told the jury she received “a lot of letters from people who wanted to reach out to me,” adding that many of them were “lovely” and “intelligently written.”

He said, “I always believe in backing budding talent… because I was the recipient of it when I was starting out.”

Yesterday, when questioned by his lawyer, Spacey said his relationship with one of his alleged victims was “somewhat intimate” but he denied various allegations including drugging the aspiring actor and having sex with him while he slept. strongly denied this, saying that this behavior “makes no logical sense.”

The jury also heard earlier this week how Spacey told police he was “appalled” and “deeply hurt” by the sexual assault allegations, but admitted he had made a “clumsy mistake” on one of his accusers. Could, as the court heard earlier this week.

In January, Spacey pleaded not guilty to three counts of indecent assault, three counts of sexual assault and one count of engaging in sexual activity without consent. The two-time Academy Award winner had previously denied four other charges of sexual assault and one charge of engaging in penetrative sexual activity without consent.

He was granted unconditional bail before the trial began. The lawsuit continues.