Kelly Rowland speaks out on lingering ‘trauma’ after Sony X

From him destiny’s Child the days of his single era and beyond, Kelly Rowland Reflecting on some of the failures she faced during her career.

Specifically, the “Kisses Down Low” singer laments how professional decisions jeopardized her childhood friendship and how her infamous situation with Sony “really hit a number. “

Kelly says The Destiny’s Child shake-up was a “heartbreaking” look at the “potential failure”

This matter came up during a recent dharna yes if it happened, Since this podcast is entirely about celebrities “telling stories of failure, failure, and redemption,” Rowland certainly understood the task.

Beginning early in their careers, Kelly admitted how “heartbreaking” it was to see their childhood friendship “tainted” by stardom, as Latavia Roberson And letoya luckett He was ousted from the group in 2000 and replaced by michelle williams and – in short – Farrah Franklin,

Kelly confirms Destiny’s Child “change” was group change “Look at potential failure first,” in the words of the host billy mann,

“It was heartbreaking because you’ll remember, with LeToya and LaTavia, we were friends. like, i met latvia [in] Primary school. She came over to my house and heard me singing along to the Barbies in my closet.

Kelly summed up the situation by saying, “Here’s a friendship that came together naturally that’s being shown to the rest of the world, and then being tainted with whatever happened.”

Above all, the public nature of Destiny’s Child’s shake-up took its toll, as it felt like “everyone was watching the ship go down.”

“It was tough because people saw it too. It was public, and we just wanted to get it right. And it was humiliating, and it felt like everyone was watching the ship go down. … It was tough, and we were very young.

Kelly Rowland Admits Sony Is Trying to “Devalue” Her

While some “tainted” friendships were a hindrance in her Destiny’s Child days, Kelly Rowland also revealed another significant setback she faced after launching a successful solo career.

From producing hits like “Dilemma” and “Like This” to landing his own feature role Trina“Here we go,” said Kelly Work as a solo artist in the 2000s.

As a result, she shared that Sony Music Entertainment’s announcement that she would “no longer be recording with Columbia Records as a solo artist” surprised her.

“It was the way Sony let me go that really impressed me. I was fucking really hard. So mad that I cursed. …I saw it on the Internet—it spread like wildfire. It said something like, ‘Kelly Rowland is no longer a viable artist’ or something like that. I said, ‘What does that mean?’

Kelly Rowland also stated that she had been with Sony since she was a teenager and “[doesn’t] Remember that someone from the company called to express regret.

As a result, this ordeal left him “in a traumatized place”. [she] still need[s] To do some taping.”

“I definitely felt like I had no value. , [They] An attempt was made to humiliate and devalue me, and that did not go down well.

He then declared, “It was probably one of the saddest moments of my life. Pucca.”

Nonetheless, Kelly stated that she was glad to see that her fellow cast members stuck with her afterward.

“I thought people would not want to work with me. I felt that the industry wanted nothing to do with me. And it wasn’t like that at all.”