Karen Huger does the dirty work at 60: ‘Live your best life’

Together Karen Huger celebrated his 60th birthday two months ago real housewives of potomac Ozzy showing how to be an older man Style,

Karen Huger shows off her “absolutely amazing” body in full

in the weekends, tv deets Shared a photo of the self-proclaimed “Grande Dame of the Potomac” at her 60th birthday party.

The upload featured Karen wearing a stunning, strapless bodysuit that put her long legs on full display. Her look was teamed with fishnets, strappy heels and transparent gloves. Okurr, Mrs. Huger!

The stunning upload was lovingly captioned as, “Karen looked absolutely amazing when she spoke at her 60th birthday party!”

Fans praised the Grande Dame on Twitter: “Potomac has a problem!”

Naturally, RHOP As soon as this photo surfaced, fans started raving about it, and they are collectively in awe of Karen’s get-up!

Proclamations refer to “Karen Huger Knowles”. Giselle Bryant Gotta be hating, check out what some Twitter users had to say below.

Of course, she was hailed as “the distinguished mother of Potomac House”, while she was said to be “once again the best dressed and flown”.

One fan declared that her fabulous figure was due to her killing a “dirty bird” (aka chicken) last season.

others employed some beyonce context, one person said, “Karen Huger Knowles looks great here!”

megan the stallion He appears to have run into trouble as well, as some have referred to Karen as “The Grande Dame!” Where is it?

Jokingly, one of her stints imagined Giselle “hating somewhere in her confessional booth” in response to Karen’s stupidity.

As for Mrs. Huger, Karen tweeted the post saying, “Live your best life.” IKTR!

Karen Shadilly dines on Robin Dixon’s return RHOP: “he made it back”

While on the subject of Karen, we should also point out that she recently acknowledged what fans can expect this upcoming season RHOP,

He hilariously shared his candid reaction robin dixon Returning to the show after admitting to hiding juan dixonCamera fraud controversy.

“Robin is back. Oh god, he made it back. But we’ll talk about that later.”

He added, β€œThe show is great. Girls, generally, are very dirty. It’s always nice to come to the Grande Dame.”

In regards to Robin’s return, we should also add that fellow cast member Dr. wendy osefo recently announced RHOP The ladies “have questions” for him in this upcoming season. She also teased, “You guys will get to see her reaction.” Oops!