Kailyn Lowry’s son told her to ‘use a condom’ to avoid pregnancy

Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry reveals her 4 sons are the most difficult parents

Kailyn Lowry and her son Isaac. Courtesy Kailyn Lowry / Instagram

No Filter! teen mom 2 alum calin lowry Son Isaac had some candid words of wisdom for his mom after she found an intimate “gadget” on the kitchen counter.

“They are sex toys, and Isaac is not dumb,” Lori, 31, said during the latest episode of her “Coffee Convos” podcast. “So he found sex toys in a box on the counter, and I woke up to a Post-It note on my door that said, ‘Put your keys away and don’t leave them on the counter.’ … I don’t even know why he called them that. Next door, next [note] Said, ‘Before you have another child, use a condom.'”

MTV star and ex Joe Rivera Isaac was welcomed in 2010 when they were 17 and 18 respectively. Lori also has a 9-year-old son, Lincoln, with her ex-husband JV Marroquin and sons Lux, 5, and Creed, 2, with the former chris lopez, (Rivera, 31, went with wife to welcome daughter Vivi V Torres in October 2015.)

Lori originally joined 16 and Pregnant The latter appeared during its second season when she was pregnant with Isaac. Teen Mom 2. In May 2022, he announced his exit from the franchise.

“I think I need to move on,” the “Baby Mamas No Drama” podcast host said during the season 11 reunion. “I think I should do my own thing. I think this should be my farewell. I think I’m ready. I think we should part ways. I think this should be the end.”

Since her departure from the reality series, the Pennsylvania native has often gotten candid on her “Coffee Convos” podcast — which she co-hosts with lindsey chrisley — about the ups and downs of her various exes over the years, especially with Marroquin, 30, to whom she was married from 2012 to 2017.

In February, Lori admitted that the pair were struggling to navigate Lincoln’s extra-curricular activities while they attempted to keep contact to a minimum.

“So tomorrow, we go to his little football team to sign because he’s signing for a new team, and [Javi] Lincoln won’t even take a picture with me,” she explained at the time, adding that she “doesn’t want to cause waves, contrary to popular relief.”

Lori also said she felt she couldn’t sign her two youngest sons up for the same league because of the US Air Force recruiter’s youngest son Eli, 4, whom he shares with a girlfriend. Lauren ComeauThe organization is involved — and worried that doing so would prompt Marroquin, 31, and Comeau to lash out at their son.

Later that month, Marroquin later clapped back at his ex-wife’s claims. teen Mom Fan account @teenmomshaderoom__ shared a clip of the episode via Instagram.

“The only reason I’m addressing this publicly is because I’m bored with this one-sided narrative,” he wrote. “I’ve f–ked up, I’ve been an A-hole, but I will never apologize for setting healthy boundaries that should have been established a long time ago and focusing on my family.”

The Delaware native continued, “A relationship isn’t the only reason we have coping issues. The number one reason we have issues is this bull—isn’t here. Nothing is private, my personal life is not private. , our parenting struggles are not private, yet she demands privacy about everything and I have not raised any issues with her and our imitative public over the past year.

Lowery, for his part, responded to Marroquin’s allegations in the comments, claiming that he blocked her on her account.

“Javi and I were very cool till August 2022. He also specifically told me in August that he would always be there for me and supported me regardless. Out of nowhere, Javi flipped a switch and said back [communicating via] Email only. He also changed all our mutual friends at this time. Javi only acts like this with Lauren because in my opinion he hasn’t been completely transparent with her about everything between me and him so he keeps us divided. He will never own her,” she claimed.

Marroquin and Comeau got engaged in June 2019 after two years of dating and have split several times since the cheating allegations. They last called it quits in January 2021 but are back together in late 2022. Lori for her part started dating Elijah Scott In April 2022.