Justin Verlander comments on hearing boos from home fans

Justin Verlander #35 of the New York Mets looks in the dugout during the sixth inning against the Washington Nationals at Citi Field on April 26, 2023 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.  The Nationals won 4–1.
(Photo by Sarah Stier / Getty Images)

The New York Mets’ season has been a mess.

That’s the best way to describe it: Edwin Diaz’s injury in the World Baseball Classic, Justin Verlander’s injury before Opening Day, Max Scherzer’s injury problems and his 10-game suspension, and others populating the IL The players have left them with a disintegrated roster. and a record of 20-23 as of Wednesday afternoon.

Fans are naturally disappointed, and they let that happen in Tuesday’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays, which resulted in their loss.

He also booed Verlander, who has made just three starts with the team.

The reigning AL Cy Young winner allowed six earned runs in five frames to lose the game.

He shared his thoughts about being hooted by his own fans.

Verlander, a 40-year-old star who has been on competitive teams, on powerhouses, and on rebuilding squads, has enough wisdom for fans to understand.

Of course no one likes to be booed, but the pitcher took it with maturity.

He said that he himself hopes to get better and the whole team also wants to perform.

They are trying their best out there, and the result is yet to come.

They also faced the best team in baseball in the Rays, so no, the game was not going to be easy.

Tuesday’s struggles left Verlander’s ERA at 4.77, but he was good in his first two innings and, if healthy, will improve significantly in future outings.

This Mets team has the ability to turn slurs into cheers in a matter of weeks.

It is built to win a World Series, and even if it has some flaws, it can still compete for the ultimate goal in the best case scenario.

Mets trolled in their own home park