Juliette Binoche’s ‘pot au feu’ on her “special relationship with vegetables” – Cannes – Deadline

Nothing says French and Cannes more than love, food and Juliette Binoche on the big screen. Chocolate The actress is back on the Croisette with Tran Anh Hung’s film, Pot a Feu, And if you’re too bummed for hanky panky and schmaltz in a movie, maybe the filmmaker can win over your stomach with succulent shots of food.

Jessica Hausner’s club zero Centered around the anti-food folk in Mia Wasikowska’s strict nutrition teacher who inculcates her students with a philosophy of anorexia. the pot a few Is, oh, so polar opposite. A Babette’s Feast And like water for chocolate In a way, the picture is set in a 19th-century French Loire Valley château and centers around the gourmet Dodin (Benoît Magimel) and his longtime chef and collaborator Eugénie (Binoche), his cook and collaborator of more than 20 years. While they sleep in separate beds, they definitely find the opportunity to bond, and goof off in other good ways in and out of the kitchen. He wants to get married, but is in no rush, despite his declining health. The picture is based on the 1924 novel by French epic Marcel Rouf that Hung adapted.

Binoche shared her method for getting into her culinary character at today’s Cannes presser:

“In preparing a meal, there always had to be a special relationship with the vegetables we were cutting, with the details and feeling almost light,” Binoche said.

“I forget when I cook, quite quickly. Everything had to be conscious and special. In that way, it was very sophisticated-like.

“We can feel in Asian food, there’s a lot of soul, the way you cut it, the way you prepare it,” the Oscar winner continued.

She’ll find herself saying “Slow down! Stick with what you’re doing!

“You must bring down the spirit into matter, and raise matter up into spirit.”

Anh Hùng’ said in adapting the Swiss novel, “There is magic in the pages on the art of cooking and food.”

However, “I told a story that drives the book; This is a story of love between Eugenie and Dodin, ”said the filmmaker.

the pot a few Opens in France on November 8.