Judge sets Trump trial date for August, subject to “modification”

Donald Trump’s trial on federal charges of withholding classified documents is set to begin on August 14, a date that is likely to change.

US District Judge Elaine Cannon in an order on Tuesday set the date, but she set the date “to be amended as necessary as the matter progresses.” Given the sensitive nature of the classified documents in the case, and the expectation that Trump’s legal team will mount multiple pre-trial challenges, the date is likely to be pushed back.

Trump pleaded not guilty to the 37-count indictment in an arraignment last week. An associate, Walt Nauta, is to be arraigned next week.

Prosecutors claim that even after the subpoenas were issued, Trump withheld documents he took with him after leaving the White House. The documents contained highly classified secrets, including those relating to nuclear capabilities. In an interview with Fox News’ Brett Baier on Monday, Trump said he did not return the boxes of documents because they contained some of his personal items, and he did not have time to read them.

Cannon wrote that the trial, to be held in Fort Pierce, FL, is scheduled to last two weeks.