Judge considering YNW Melly case mistrial due to ‘tainted’ jury

A Broward County judge is considering calling for a mistrial YNW Melly The double murder case closed after only one week of testimony due to a “hostile witness” tainting the jury.

On Thursday, Judge John Murphy agreed to review the transcript after Melly’s attorney filed a motion for a mistrial. miami herald,

YNW Melly’s ex-girlfriend’s mother “hostile witness,” testimony “tainted” jury, defense says

The false proposition in question allegedly relates to the prosecution’s questioning of a “hostile witness”, Felicia Holmes, the mother of Melly’s ex-girlfriend.

Defense attorney David Howard accused the state of tainting the jury by making “implication after implication” supported by “inadmissible evidence” derived from Holmes’ testimony.

Howard said, “The jury sat there while the State made implication after implication, presenting unacceptable evidence after unacceptable evidence to the substantial prejudice of this defendant.” “This jury sat there and watched this fiasco.”

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Among the “inadmissible” evidence that potentially tainted the jury was Holmes’ testimony on behalf of the state, which Melli’s legal team objected to.

Defense cites IG messages where Holmes threatens to “air mail out” prosecutors over money claims

She was considered a “hostile witness” against Mellie by the rapper’s attorneys due in part to a series of Instagram messages from June 2022 where Holmes allegedly threatened, “You call me Mz Snitch B**** BC.” I’m broadcasting that. A** out to the prosecutor.

Holmes claims that Holmes allegedly made the threat after accusing YNY Melly’s team of failing to take care of him financially, despite promising to do so.

Meanwhile, defense attorney Stuart Edelstein said “never” in my entire career … (have I) heard any evidence from the state that the defense team would take care of this witness.

According to the Herald, Edelstein told the judge, “This not only tarnishes our client…but it tarnishes everybody at this table.”

For her part, Holmes says that the case basically “ruined her life.”

“The state basically puts me on monitors,” Holmes said. “I have to go to my job like this. People think I’m a criminal. The state has ruined my life.

The judge will decide on the mistrial motion when the court reconvenes on Tuesday (Jun 20)

The rapper is facing trial for allegedly shooting and killing childhood friends Christopher Thomas Jr. and Anthony Williams in 2018.

According to the Herald, Murphy will decide on the proposal on Tuesday (June 20).

However, a mistrial will not mean that YNW Melly is innocent.

If the judge declares a mistrial, prosecutors can usually conduct a new trial within 90 days of the original one.