JT slams people criticizing Lil Uzi Vert’s ‘Leslie Chow’ persona

Joint It’s telling that she’s not playing about her partner, lil uzi vert,

In fact, city ​​girls The rapper responded badly to critics who weren’t too thrilled about Lil Uzi’s “Leslie Chow” persona.

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Lil Uzi recently debuted his “Leslie Chow” on Instagram

The situation started when Lil Uzi, who uses he/them pronouns, shared some images from his recent trip to Thailand.

He captioned the upload, “Leslie was in Thailand.” Some of the photos notably featured the “P2” rapper donning a black and pink mullet while she is applying some nail polish.

Additionally, we should add that the name “Leslie Chow” is currently featured in the rapper’s Instagram bio. For reference, this is a character’s name hangoverMr. Chow.

When people started inundating Lil Uzi’s mentions with some negative comments, he responded via his Instagram Story. Specifically, Uzi suggested that they not be deterred by the criticism, as they “get rich and never look back.”

“Chow understands that people don’t like the ways of Chow. But don’t give Chow to the rich and never look back…..my monkey tail Leslie out.

JT unintentionally claps back at critics: “Ugly kid and dead dad”

Afterwards shadow room Reposting Lil Uzi Vert’s upload on Instagram, a disgruntled user tagged JT and wrote, “You’re really taking the city girls down.”

Rather than ignore the comment, JT clapped back and succinctly declared, “Ugly kid and dead dad.”

She doubled down and compared the child to rapper Finesse2Tymes before noting, “Please leave me alone. I’m not bothering anyone.” JT also declared, “I shouldn’t be nice to ppl who aren’t nice to me!”

However, the situation didn’t end there as she turned to Twitter to continue her message.

After calling herself “the most unpromising person ever”, JT states that she would retaliate if asked to do so. She was of course adding, “Nothing personal, all love.”

“I’m the most unapologetic person I’ve ever met. Idgaf bout nothing but if I get time to return the shots I will. Nothing personal, all love.”

JT also tweeted that, while he is “not mad”, he is not allowing others to “constantly bully him”.

“Ppl will constantly pick you up and harass you when you answer. I’m not mad, there’s no reason to be mad! But you’re mad because I’m not giving you the explanation you want? So you constantly Keep threatening me what you want to hear, I don’t say bad about you without clarifying anything.

Notably, after this social media situation, JT has deactivated his Twitter account.