Jonathan Majors’ alleged victim granted restraining order

The woman with whom an alleged domestic violence dispute is going on Jonathan Major A temporary restraining order has been granted, CBS News reports.

On Thursday, the alleged victim, who has not been publicly named, was given a protection order ahead of her upcoming May 9 court date.

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Jonathan Majors’ attorney reportedly undermined temporary order of protection

Jonathan Majors has been charged with assault and harassment. However, the actor maintains his innocence.

In a statement to CBS News, Major’s attorney downplayed the restraining order. He explained that a temporary protection order is mandatory in case of any such attack.

Additionally, the lawyer explained that the 33-year-old creed iii Starr consented to the order because the major “didn’t want anything to do” with the alleged victim.

Major’s attorney told the outlet, “This is standard in cases like this, and we agreed because Mr. Major wants nothing to do with the woman who assaulted him.”

Restraining order prevents Major, unnamed victim, from any contact until next court date on May 9

The order of protection prohibits Major and his alleged victim from having any direct contact or through any third party.

Furthermore, it remains in effect until the next court hearing.

Witness says Major never hit alleged victim, but saw Jonathan Major “hitting, scratching”

Last week, Major’s attorney Priya Chowdhary filed documents describing to the court in Manhattan what a witness to the alleged domestic dispute recalled of the March 25 incident. The Major and the alleged victim were reportedly being driven in a car when the alleged altercation took place.

The driver reportedly said he saw the woman attack the major around 1 a.m. “when she was attempting to steal his phone.” He agreed to testify that he never saw the actor hit the alleged victim “at any time in any way, or even raise his voice”.

The driver alleges that he saw the woman “hitting, scratching and assaulting” Major. Additionally, the driver also revealed that Major asked to stop the car so that he could escape.

Chowdhary also says hours of surveillance video footage shows the woman going to a club and getting drunk after the major dropped her off in the car.

Authorities found that a “domestic dispute” occurred following a “preliminary investigation” conducted after police responded to a New York City apartment on March 25, as first reported by The Shade Room.
The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital after she received minor injuries on her head and neck. Major was then arrested on suspicion of strangulation, assault and harassment. He was also charged with assault and aggravated assault during his arraignment the next day.
The alleged domestic dispute has already cost the actor part of his upcoming projects. He has since been dropped from his management company, Entertainment 360. In addition, her public relations firm, The Lede Company, has also cut ties, as The Shade Room reported last week.
Despite this, the Major maintains his innocence. He reportedly claims the video is proof he did not attack or injure the alleged victim.
The next court date for the case is Tuesday, May 9.