John Oliver trolls viewers under 35 with story about Chuck E. Cheese being sent to watch “Last Squeak Tonight” online; strikes on ‘The Voice’

John Oliver’s main theme on Sunday night’s episode last week tonight Focused on home ownership. However, he joked that people under 35 would never own a house and made an entire alternate episode for that group segment talking about Chuck E. Cheese.

Oliver said, “Our main story tonight deals with home ownership, so if you’re under 35, to be honest, this story isn’t for you.” “It’ll never happen to you. You’ll never have a home. Sorry, that’s the deal you made when you decided to be born after 1988.”

Oliver continued, “We didn’t want you to feel left out, so we’ve actually prepared a whole alternate story for you tonight about Chuck E. Cheese, a different crumbling American institution than you’ll see.” should remain.”

The HBO Max host said the episode was 25 minutes long and was titled “Last Squeak Tonight”. Oliver directed viewers to watch the episode online, which you can watch here.

'Last Scream Tonight'

‘Last Scream Tonight’

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As Oliver talks about home ownership, he quizzes the reality competition sound With no memorable winners.

“Sure, technically there are winners but name one. This show has been on for 15 years in a row and not a single winner is a household name.” Seriously, just give me the first and last name of one winner — You can’t, no one can.”