John Goodman shows dramatic weight loss: photo

John Goodman Shows Off 200-Pound Slim-Down at TV Festival

John Goodman attends the opening red carpet of the 62nd Monte-Carlo TV Festival Nivière David/ABACAPRESS.COM/Shutterstock

very thin John Goodman She showed off her slimmed-down figure during a recent appearance at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival in Monaco.

righteous gems The actor, 70, exited the event on Sunday, June 18, where he served as jury president for the festival. in photographs obtained by page sixGoodman looked smart in a double-breasted navy blazer and khaki pants, which he paired with brown loafers and round-framed sunglasses.

In 2016, Goodman estimated that she weighed 400 pounds before she decided to make the change. “I stopped eating all the time,” he told ABC News at the time. “I would have a handful of food and it would go in my mouth. I was just eating all the time. I was getting drunk. In the old days, it would take me three months, lose 60 or 70 pounds. used to happen, and then get myself a six-pack bud or whatever and just go back to my old habits. Again this time I wanted to take it slow, move, exercise. I Getting to the age where I can’t sit anymore. And it gives me energy to work, because work is very tiring.”

John Goodman Shows Off 200-Pound Slim-Down at TV Festival

John Goodman at the ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ film premiere in 2013 mediapunch / shutterstock

Goodman further stated that he was motivated to lose weight when he became unhappy with his appearance. “I just got tired, sick and tired of looking at myself,” he recalled. “You’re shaving in the mirror and you don’t want to see yourself. It gets dangerous.

months ago, Goodman’s personal trainer Mackie Shilstone Explained that she helped the actor lose weight through a combination of diet and exercise. “It didn’t happen overnight – it’s been an ongoing process,” explains the fitness guru. new york post At the time, considering that Goodman had lost over 100 pounds.

Shilstone’s first step was to encourage Goodman to follow a “Mediterranean-style eating plan,” which includes fish, nuts, olive oil, vegetables, and fruits. Goodman also worked out on an elliptical and treadmill, exercising six days a week and making sure she got between 10,000 and 20,000 steps per day.

About a decade ago, Goodman stopped drinking, which he also credits for helping him lose weight. In 2018, he revealed that he would drink on set during filming roseanneWhich originally ran from 1988 to 1997.

Goodman said during an interview, “I was very lucky, because I was still being hired for things, but the fact that I was drinking on the job.” Sunday Today with Willie Geist, “My speech will be slurred. I thought I was fooling people. When I drank, my cheeks would turn bright red. I looked like a bus stop sign.

Goodman said he decided to seek help after he missed a rehearsal for the 2007 Emmys, where he won a trophy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series. “By Sunday morning I was trembling; I was still drinking, but I was still shaking,” he continued. “I had the clarity of thought that I needed to be hospitalized. I called my wife, which was like turning myself in to the Gestapo. And he made some phone calls; We took me to a treatment center, and I detoxed there and decided I liked the feeling. And 10 years have passed.

goodman got married Anna Beth Hartzog In 1989. The couple shares daughter Molly, 32.