Jocelyn Hernandez is ‘ready’ to return to love and hip hop

If love and hip hop say jocelyn hernandez, the Puerto Rican princess is ready to answer! speaking out breakfast clubJocelyn confirmed that she is interested in returning to the reality TV series.

In the nearly 31-minute interview, Hernandez revealed she’d rather spin the block to star in an Atlanta series or settle in Miami — where she lives now.

“Exactly. I want to do it now. Whoever’s in charge of Love and Hip-Hop, come over to Princess Emma,” Hernandez said.

Earlier in the interview, he admitted that he had not spoken to anyone recently. Mona Scott-Young, owner of the production company behind the “Love & Hip Hop” franchise. However, Hernandez stated that he had no grudges over their past disagreements, including the portrayal of Jocelyn on television.

“You come to a place where you grow up. I shouldn’t be angry with Mona or anyone for no reason. How does this help me? How can I get any blessings from this? How does God keep opening my third eye so that I can pursue my dreams and my career?”

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In fact, the Puerto Rican princess made both Moana and Zeus the network’s boss. lemuel plummer His flowers for the “wonderful opportunities” he has given her.

“…because when I did Love & Hip Hop, I was young, I was wild, I was out there. So it’s just that a network can’t do much for you, other than help you or harm you. You still have to accept responsibility for yourself as a human being. Also, it was correct. And if it wasn’t for love and hip hop, let’s be real, I wouldn’t be here [“Joseline’s Cabaret”],

Jocelyn Hernandez Discusses Her ‘Negative’ Image on Reality TV and What’s Different About “Jocelyn Cabaret”

At one point in the interview, DJ Envy asks Jocelyn if she poses in front of the camera intentionally. Hernandez said she “absolutely” does it because “why the hell wouldn’t she.” [she],

Still, she feels that “Jocelyn Cabaret”—the intellectual property rights of which she holds—demonstrates her business side, unlike before.

“When you see me with Zeus lemuel On Cabaret, I just think you see more of me running the business than you see the individual Jocelyn. As individual Joslyn is different from Joslyn running a business. So I can look like I’m being put in this light, but you have to remember, you’re only seeing 20-30 percent of my life.

As far as how she presents herself on the show is concerned, Joslin doesn’t mind the past criticisms.

“…with Cabaret, like listen, that’s just how I run my motherfucking show. I want my girls to do what I tell them to do. If you can’t, well, you can’t be in Cabaret because I’m giving you an opportunity. I pay them $500 a day when they go on tour with me.

Jocelyn Denies Knowing Big Lexie After Her Arrest For Fighting

At two points in the interview, DJ Envy and guest judge jess hilarious mentioned the tussle with Jocelyn big lexi,

Initially, Hernandez declined to go into details as he was arrested, and it is now a pending legal issue. However, he insisted on not telling the whole story about the viral clip.

“The media only shows you one thing. It seems like a lot of chaos, but you might not know what happened before that chaos, like five seconds ago or ten seconds ago, and because it’s me, it’s always bigger than what it really is. ,” Jocelyn said.

When DJ Envy later asked about Lexie again, Jocelyn Hernandez replied, “Don’t know what that is.” That said, one thing about a Puerto Rican princess is that she will accept whatever comes of her actions.

“I’m not crazy. I would never do anything that I didn’t really feel in my heart that I needed to do and I would face the consequences,” Jocelyn said.

Following Jocelyn and Big Lexie at the Floyd Mayweather vs. John Gotti III exhibition match, Broward County, Florida officers arrested Hernandez. He was charged with domestic assault, trespassing, resisting arrest/obstruction with violence, and regular assault.

As far as what she wants from life, Jocelyn Hernandez says it’s simple: to live a good life and follow her dreams.

“Now I really just want to do my job. Do what I love to do: music, TV, helping little girls, taking care of Bonnie, having another baby with my husband, and continuing to make my dreams come true. I really don’t want much in life. I feel like I want what everyone else wants, a good life, a good personal life with my family and my kids.

As a woman who comes from a low-income, single parent, and drug-exposed childhood, her number one goal is to inspire little girls to dream big.

“My most important thing is to show little girls that they can do it. If I did it you can do it too. As such it will always be my attitude because I have a daughter, and it is deeply rooted in my heart. I’ve always wanted to be the voice of reason for young girls because they know I was a mess when I first came out. But look where I come from, look what cards I was dealt to play.