Jimmy O Yang Girlfriend, Who is He Dating Now in 2023? Brian Kimmel

As often the source material in his comedy specials, it makes sense that Jimmy O. Why is there so much interest in Yang’s girlfriend and the inspiration for many of his jokes.

Yang is a stand-up comedian and actor who has starred in films such as crazy rich asian And tough loveas well as shows like silicon Valley And space force, He released his first comedy special on Amazon Prime Video, Jimmy O. Yang: good dealIn May 2020. His second comedy special, Jimmy O. Yang: Guess how much?Premieres in May 2023.

In the comedy special, Yang joked about the time his girlfriend asked him what his “love language” was. “I’m new to this boyfriend stuff. My girl asked me, ‘What’s your love language?’ What? I was raised by Asian parents! Their love language was verbal abuse,” he said. Yang also mocked the increase in Asian American representation thanks to BTS. Come on, now we have BTS. White guys too now Know BTS. This is progress,” Yang said.

In a 2021 interview with PopSugar, Yang revealed the relationship advice she learned from starring in her Netflix romantic comedy, tough love, “Don’t lie and be honest with other people, but also be honest with yourself,” he said. “Trust yourself. Everyone has their flaws, whether they are insecure about their looks, they are insecure about their personality, or whatever it is. There is someone out there who will love you for it. So be true to who you are.”

But back to Jimmy O. Yang’s girlfriend. So who is he dating? Read on for what there is to know about his relationship.

Who is Jimmy O Yang’s girlfriend?

Jimmy O Yang, Brian Kimmel

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Who is Jimmy O. Yang’s girlfriend, Brian Kimmel? Tech entrepreneurs Yang and Kimmel were first linked in September 2021, when Kimmel shared a picture of them together on his Instagram. “@funnyasiandude is the San Diego tour guide! Obi Noodle House 🍜, The Arcade 🏀, and my spirit animal🦒!!!” she captioned the post. Yang shared her own Instagram photo with Kimmel a month later in October 2021. Bonus photo of the hottie with Ban Jiao and Pho, the jackpot 😍” she captioned the post.

The red carpet becomes official when the two premiere in November 2021 sarcasm game in Los Angeles, California. Kimmel Yang also had a date at the premiere of Easter Sunday in August 2022 and an Asian American Awards ceremony in December 2022, The Unforgettable Gala. Not much is known about Yang and Kimmel’s relationship, though. Vanity Fair It was reported in November 2021 that the relationship was “quite new” at the time. Kimmel confirmed that he and Yang were still together in March 2023 when he shared an Instagram photo of them at a restaurant. “Turned Tuesday into a place to stay,” he wrote in the caption of the picture.

In an interview with PopSugar in 2021, Yang admitted that he was not “much a romantic”, although this has changed since his relationship with Kimmel. “I’m not that romantic, I guess. I just went to Cleveland for her brother’s wedding with my girlfriend,” she said. “It was fun hanging out with her, spending time with her parents. I think is that I made a lot of sacrifices that weekend. We had to fly Spirit Airlines because that was the only direct flight into Cleveland at the time. So that was a big sacrifice in itself, to sit in Spirit Airlines seats you Can’t bend over to go hang out in my girlfriend’s hometown.

He also told the site that his “ideal first date” was a simple, nice dinner. “Maybe a nice dinner. I’m a foodie,” he said. “A chill joint where we can talk. No loud music. I used to go to this place called Busby’s. This is not a full-on sports bar, but a small bar with mini golf and skee-ball inside. So I like to see if people are ready to just play and have fun and not be bothered.

They also revealed what their biggest “turnoffs” and “turn-ons” were in a relationship. “My biggest turn-off is when people are consistently late or flaky and not on time,” he said. “It doesn’t have to be romantic. It could be a business talk or a talk with a friend. I really don’t like it at all.

He continued, “My biggest turn-on is someone who travels well, is willing to eat everything, is just very cultured. Coming from a different country as an immigrant, I’m very open about food.” am. Whether it’s Chinese food or something, I just love learning about other cultures, just like I learn about American culture. That’s why I love someone who’s cultured. You No need to globe-trot, but just be open minded about things.

Kimmel is the founder of the company WorkLife Ventures, which she founded in 2019. The company, backed by the founders of companies like Spotify, Twitch and Zoom, is a venture capital firm designed for creators and individual contributors. “I started WorkLife with a vision to invest in companies that make work more flexible, creative and human,” Kimmel wrote in his Linkedin bio. “Our model was built to help product founders with go-to-market, including access to the strongest networks of operators that have built bottom-up companies: Airtable, Dropbox, Notion, Slack , execute superhumans and more.”

Kimmel graduated from Kent State University with a degree in journalism and mass communications, according to her Linkedin, which also listed that she was in the top one percent of her graduating class.

Jimmy O. Yang: guess how much Available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Here’s how to watch it for free.

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